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Gen 6.3 +

Gen 6.3

“And the LORD said,

‘My spirit shall not always strive with man…’”

“No person has such a full view of his own astonishing weakness

as does the holy man.”
– H A Baldwin

The one who is deceived may deceive us if we’re not very sensitive to the Holy Spirit. And – the one who is Happily Deceived, i.e., seems so content, seems to “have it all together,” is even more like to deceive us. Please heed the following “But evil men & seducers shall wax worse & worse, *deceiving & being *deceived”(2Ti 3.13). Friend – – – we’re there.  2/13/21

“Definite preaching should cause definite seeking

& definite seeking should produce definite results.”
– H A

STOP. Do not build a bigger building. Go to the next large town N.E.W.S. (north, east, west, south) of you & give them the Good News. Give them a holiness church in *their* community. Give them a sanctuary to which they can walk (not have to drive to your town). Give them a church to which they can invite their neighbors. Let one of your younger preachers become their pastor (learning under your pastor). Spread the Gospel around you instead of making them all drive to you. – 2/15/21


It pleases me a great deal

That my Father always Was.

Never did  a-n-y  man see

Half what our God  a-l-w-a-y-s  does.

Crank up your Imagination;

Ride it back as far as you can.

God was there; there in majesty,

With His Glory, His Power, His Plan.

And I like it oh, so well

That His kingdom is to come.

It’ll outlive dirty earth

And man’s mansion and man’s slum.

He’ll be (pardon the expression)

There in all the future we see,

King and Conqueror throughout the

Limitless scenes of Eternity.

But past, future would be lame,

Incomplete, lacking some how,

If He weren’t the great “I Am”

The glorious God of “Now.”

His Presence makes up the present,

Makes it a pleasant time to live.

Thank You for always being here;

And for the daily gifts that You give.

– eab,  2/15/17 

Do not, may I repeat, do NOT lower your Christianity to depend on government. God was in charge before the Mayflower (I’m glad they came), He’s infinitely more powerful Now than any government (here / abroad), & He be over all when the heavens roll back as a scroll. Depend on Him. In fact, make it a goal *for today* to depend on the Lord more. Stop relying (as you can & increasingly so) on the hand of man – he’ll fail you. Depend on the hand of our Maker. He is wonderfully able to comfort. – 2/15/21

“Protestants who avowed their faith in God’s name came to be called ‘By God’s.’

From their nickname we get our word ‘bigots.’”

– Samuel Chadwick

Php 4.19

“But my God shall supply all your need

according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”

Please, my Friend, are you current with God? I beg you to be! Your church may be shifting to the left – you must be spiritually awake to recognize it. A favorite “holiness” periodical may be becoming “evangelical” – meaning, its losing its emphasis on holiness, as a second definite work of grace. The denomination / connection of churches with which you’ve been comfortable may be in transition. Please, Brother Sister, stay close to Jesus. Don’t allow a group, paper or local church to cause you to lose your ETERNAL soul. – 2/15/21

“Spirit-filled hearts are always tender &

they see men through the tears of holy compassion.”

– Samuel Chadwick

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Gen 5.24 +

Gen 5.24

“And Enoch walked with God: and he was not;

for God took him.”

“It is absolutely wrong to pray about something

 you already know is wrong.”
– V O Agan

The word “science” is in the Bible twice – once in each Testament. It’s in Daniel (1.4) where it’s clearly a part of heathen education! And it’s in the pennings of Paul (most highly “educated” man in NT – Jesus was not “educated”) – he warns of there being a false science. Millions worship science. They Believe what secular textbooks say about it. They Believe what a controlled “news” says about it. If NASA makes an announcement they’d not think of questioning it – it’d be almost like questioning a god. – 2/7/21

“His object is not alone to save them from hell, but to save them from sin, & not from its guilt & penalty only but from its pollution & power & the love they have for it.”
– Samuel L Brengle

The happiest sinner has a certain sadness in his life which explains the whine of the old jukebox songs.

But the saddest saint has an inner Joy & revels in the victory the grand hymns express. – 2/9/21


There are no human births in heaven

Nor are humans born in hell.

There were no humans born on the boat

Which rode Noah’s flood so well.

Eight souls walked up the plank

(Which probably was the door.)

And eight souls came back down it

Not one less; and not one more.

God provided natural “birth control”

To the wives of all Noah’s sons;

Likely the only time fertile couples

Went a year not birthing little ones.

Earthlings are born to earthlings

Here upon earth’s broad face

Increasing the population census

For God’s entire, most special race.

Here’s the place and now’s the time,

For man’s timely reproductions.

One plus one equals three (or more)

Is a this-world, this-era, deduction. 

Likewise earth is God’s place

For mankind to be re-born,

Sometime after common birth

Yet prior to death – sin’s last big thorn.

You (and I) were born in this world

Of that there’s no reason to doubt.

But have you been born again?

That’s what Christ’s death is “all about.”

We had no control o’er our first birth

But being re-born in ALL our choice,

After Christ provided redemption’s plan.

Come. Confess. Believe Him & rejoice.

– eab,  2/9/17 

D.i.s.c.l.a.i.m.e.r.  Now & then I “like” a meme. Please UNDERSTAND I’m not approving of the actor/sports figure/other who’s pictured in the meme. (They may not have said it at all, but “words were put in their mouth” by the meme-maker.) My “like” is not for the supposed spokesman. I don’t own a TV & do not watch hollywood movies (haven’t viewed even a “christian one in yrs) so many times the face with the meme is un-known or I seldom (if ever) could name a silly movie in which he played.- 2/13/21

“Every road leads two ways. If they put away sin & followed Jesus, He would lead them to heaven; it they rejected Him, they would surely go their own way to damnation, to hell.”

– Samuel L Brengle

Psa 119.172

“My tongue shall speak of thy word:

for all thy commandments are righteousness.”

When trying to solve a slaying, it’s wise to ask, “Who benefits?” When a new “translation” shows up & then another (& another…) it’s intelligent to ask, “Who benefits from this?” Sometimes the person is killed because a “love” (more likely “lust”) triangle. Sometimes they’re killed for money. Sometimes people are killed so they won’t talk anymore. With little doubt the plethora of new “translations” also have reasons. If you love Truth, you should be willing to admit there IS a motive – & it may not be good. – 2/13/21   

“The church that is man managed instead of God governed is doomed to failure.

A ministry that is college trained but not Spirit-filled works no miracles…”

– Samuel Chadwick

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Gen 3.15 +

Gen 3.15

“…I will put enmity between thee & the woman & between thy seed & her seed;

it shall bruise thy head & thou shalt bruise his heel.”

“Testify, testify, testify – clearly, definitely, constantly, courageously, humbly – if you would keep the blessing…Testify to the Lord, tell Him you have the blessing & thank Him for it.”

– Samuel L Brengle

Oh for a return to GOD being *The* attraction at church. Oh, that He be the First reason we want to go. Excuse me (if you have to) but I don’t need colored lights on the sides, front, anywhere in the sanctuary to make it “more attractive.” May we (yes, you, yes, me) hunger to feel that sweet, gentle Presence tugging at our hearts. May we be very sensitive to His Spirit moving in our midst. We do NOT need attention getting banners, lights that move or other visional gimmicks. We need God. – 2/6/21 

“More than all else the Lord wants these wrestling, pleading, men…

there are but few who bear the burden of the world upon their souls day & night.”

– Samuel L Brengle

Will God allow you to “wake up” in your Heavenly Home, explore its spaciousness, then eventually wander “out doors” (whatever that may mean in heaven, I don’t pretend to know) to see the lay of the land,  & who your eternal “neighbors” may be? Or will God allow you to enter heaven, walk up a wonderfully winding trail, top a knoll, spy your Heavenly Home on the next hill & allow you to enjoy a majestic “approach”? He knows your right “intro” to heaven. O, God, Help Us Make It. – 2/9/21


Often the sinner’s best is in the past.

(Sinning “fun” doesn’t long last.)

Sin has a song that makes you cry.

The saint’s best is yet to be,

In Heaven, beyond death’s cold sea.

Rejoicing comes AFTER we die.

– eab, 1/26/21

The devil wants you to worry. Why would you worry? If you are minding Jesus 100% He will take care of you 100%. His Father (also yours if you’re current with Him) runs the world. satan doesn’t. He’s a pretender. satan wants you to think he’s in charge. No. God has him on a chain – he can go only so far. Worry not about the devil & his cohorts. Stay true to Jesus. TODAY. – 2/9/21

Luk 23.43

“…Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee,

To day shalt thou be with me in paradise.”

“The genuine work of love

is always a hidden work.”

– Dietrich Bonoeffer

Like to be with God?  Like to talk to Him? Good. He, the Almighty Maker of Heaven & earth, has arranged that we, mere mortals, may come (unworthy as we are) into His presence. He has made provision that we can talk to/with Him, now, while still in the flesh. Praise His Name. And, better yet, Much MUCH Better, He’s made provision that you (& I) may be with Him ETERNALLY!  – 2/10/21

“…‘The last days’ began with Christ’s first advent

& will end with His second advent.”

– F F Bruce

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Gen 2.24 +

Gen 2.24

“Therefore shall a man leave his father & his mother,

& shall cleave unto his wife & they shall be one flesh.”

“Englishmen learn Christ’s law best in English.

Moses heard God’s law in his own tongue; so did Christ’s apostles.”

–  John Wycliff

There is one Book which means more to me than any other book I own. Or book that you own. Or that the world’s largest library owns. I read from its Sacred Pages every day. I try to memorize a little of It. What it says about Life I believe. What it says about Death I believe. It is my Bible for marriage, for raising children, for judging what is going on in the various “worlds” of education, finance, government & science. Let me repeat the last one as it seems to appear too important to too many – – – science. – 2/7/21 

“The higher the hill, the stronger the wind:

so the loftier the life, the stronger the enemy’s temptations.”

–  John Wycliff

The term “her light” occurs 5 times in the Bible – 4 of these directly tied to the moon. “But my science teacher said the moon is a reflector. That it has no light of its own; its reflecting the sun’s light.” Was he/she there when this all started? God was. Is he/she all-knowing? God is. “Why would my science teacher say the moon’s a reflector?” That’s a good question – ask him/her. Here’s a possible answer (one I doubt he’ll use). It makes the sun more important therefore adding to ancient (yet still active) *sun worship.* God says 1 thing. Man says another. Stop believing man – come back to believing God.- 2/7/21


Ever received at Christmas

A box surprisingly light?

It seemed it might be empty

When you looked inside ─ you were right. 

Except for a piece of paper,

Its cavernous space was hollow,

Directions or “a promise” the

Giver expected you to “swallow.”

Some folks lives are hollow,

Shallow, empty, weighing light

They need Jesus to fix them,

Wrong needs replaced by right.

Friend is your life “on empty”

Running, but-barely, on short supply?

Are you grasping at earthly straws

Waiting, yet dreading to die?

Let Jesus fill your hollow life,

Fill it with purpose and song.

You too can shine and you can shout,

Now – – – and Eternally long.

– eab, 2/8/06 

Joh 3.16 has a counter-part. satan so HATED the world that he “took.” he “took” advantage of an innocent Eve & he & Eve “took” advantage of Adam. satan “took” possession of Judas. satan was able to orchestrate the religious leaders & they (with his help) “took” the life of Christ. satan is after your soul to “take” it as well. Get close to Jesus & STAY there. – 2/8/21 

Joh 3.16

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son,

that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life”

“God Almighty first planted a garden; &

it is the purest of human pleasures.”

– Francis Bacon

The poor church may not have padded pews. The poor church may not have central air. The poor church may not have a choir (may be too small to even have a choir-loft). But the POOREST CHURCH in the county can have God! Sinners often sing in the choir & padded seats/cool air are creature comforts we enjoy (too much?). We need God. We need His presence & thanks be to God may have Him. – 2/8/21

“Fame is like a river &

drowns things weighty & solid.”

– Francis Bacon

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Gen 1.3 +

Gen 1.3

“And God said, ‘Let there be light:’

and there was light.”

“Natural fear is a necessary accompaniment of our mundane existence

& is not cast out by perfect love.”

–  Adam Clarke

Where there actual cave men? Yes. The first one was Lot (Gen. 19.30). After his affluence, after his political position, after his sad hob-knobbing with the sinners at Sodom, Lot lived in a cave. Never allow anyone to convince you Adam lived in a cave – he & his True Love didn’t need a water-proof shelter – it didn’t rain in Eden. – 2/6/21

“You can never judge a man’s experience either by the position he holds

or the esteem in which he is held by others.”

H A Baldwin

One reason hollywood is popular, in a sense, is that the whole world is an “act.” Our money is not real. Man after man “plays” at being a “leader” (whichever title he assumes), satan, himself, is an imposter, & much of the fame of man is false. So, people not only *escape* into movies but their very falseness is something with which they feel comfortable. Pretender identifies with pretender. – 2/6/21


Home is a wonderful word,

Be it mansion or house absurd,

Be it large and tall

Or short and small,

There’s never a place you roam

That beats the place called “home.”

-eab,  2/6/11 

Bible colleges produce men who preach the Bible. That’s their primary function. When a majority of the men leaving a school are no longer preachers of the Word, one of two things should happen & happen quickly. The president & teachers should put themselves on a prayer & prayer/fasting schedule & stay on it till God sends a sin-killing, carnality-eradicating revival to their hearts & the hearts of students. Or (I don’t want to appear flippant but think this is right) – OR they should shut the doors. – 2/6/21    

1Co 2.4

“…My speech & my preaching was not with enticing words of man’s wisdom

but in demonstration of the Spirit & of power:”

“Shortcuts to dominion are of satan

not of God.”

– Samuel  Chadwick

You’re not married yet? Maybe that’s not all bad. In fact, it’s good if you are not sure that all your sins  have been forgiven & that your heart is set toward holiness & heaven. After your relationship is “Up & Going” with God, then (& only then) should you settle on a Life Mate. God wants to be First in your life (as the one who Made & Redeemed you, He has that right). Then, let Him orchestrate who’s #2. – 2/6/21 

“By sin God’s image in man is defaced

but not erased.”
– Samuel  Chadwick

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Gen 1.1 +

Gen 1.1

“In the beginning God

created the heaven & the earth.”

“…The holy Fletcher says, a naked faith, is a ‘faith independent of all feelings,’ in a naked promise; bringing nothing with you but a careless, distracted, tossed, hardened heart – just such a heart as you have got now.
– J A Wood

God has given us the ability to remember. To some extent, we remember what we want to. If you want to remember “x” you probably do. But we can also (again to some extent) block out of our minds that which we don’t want to remember. If the Lord has done us this favor – it is that – while on earth, it’s possible (IMO) that we’ll remember nothing of this world in the Bright Forever Above. – 1/30/21

“Faith, in order to its exercise, presupposes a certain state of the mind and affections, and without these it cannot exist – its very existence includes them; namely in the briefest terms, it supposes the knowledge of sin & sorrow for it; the knowledge that there is a Savior & a readiness to embrace Him.
– Bishop Foster

Some of you have learned you can wear your hair (male/female) in a non-Biblical way, watch hr-upon-hr of hollywood/disney trash, attend a church in which a holiness isn’t preached & you still believe you’re ready for heaven. Why? If your holy dad, if your godly mom wouldn’t approve of the way you live what makes you think Jesus does? Please Sir, Please Ma’am, awaken this side of the grave. Stop trying to believe all is well when you know even your righteous parents don’t see you as clear with God. – 2/5/21


You are more wonderful than human pen can define,

Beyond the description of the longest, well-inked line,

Majestically huge, yet IN this unworthy heart of mine.

Jesus, Precious Jesus.

– eab,  2/5/06 

I hope you’ve had acquaintance with someone (better yet 2 or 3) whom you’d consider godly. You knew they had a solid prayer life. Their conversation reflected a fair amount of Bible. You happened to see/hear enough details of a situation (which could’ve been “sticky”) but they came through with a Christ-like spirit. Between their conduct, their appearance, & their everyday talk you saw them genuine. If you’ve known such – praise the Lord & count your blessings. If you’ve not known someone like the above – – – Be One! – 2/5/21

“When sinners are careless & stupid & sinking into hell unconcerned, it is time the church should bestir themselves. It is as much the duty of the church to awake, as it is for the firemen to awake when a fire breaks out in the night in a great city.”

– Charles Finney

Heb 9.27

“And as it is appointed unto men once to die,

but after this the judgment”

You Are Going To Die. That is not written as a threat. It is not said with an attitude. And, it certainly is not typed because death is *rare.* The most common earthly event for us all is our impending death. You know you are going to die. What Dear Friend, are you doing about it? Nothing? Your negligence (IMO) pleases satan. Jesus – if you fail to come to Him – died in vain, as far as your sad soul is concerned. The only intelligent thing for you (& me) to do is to PREPARE to die. Please do – Please do. – 2/5/21

“There can be no revival when Mr. Amen &

Mr. Wet-Eyes are not found in the audience.” – Charles Finney

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Psa 150.6 +

Psa 150.6

“Let every thing that hath breath praise the LORD.

Praise ye the LORD.”

“We cannot hope to escape the flood of evil which threatens to overwhelm the believers today unless we are constantly refilled & re-invigorated by the Holy Spirit.”

T M Anderson

As long as the pastor, song leader, deacon, or youth leader (“elected” or born-leader) wants to get the glory, don’t expect revival. The Glory ALL belongs to God. – 2/3/21

“We would find no pleasure in beholding the beauty of the Father’s house

of many mansions if Christ were not present to fill it with the light of His countenance.”

T M Anderson

You used to hear an older relative use an expression. It wasn’t four-lettered, you thought it cute, even “colorful” & in your fondness for him/her, you picked up saying it. If it’s more than “…Yea, yea, Nay, nay…”(Mat 5.37) do you remember what Christ said about it? He spoke of it having evil roots. “Bryan, if that’s all you have to write about, stop.” Wait. Are words important? Are OUR words (as disciples of Jesus) important? As a friend, allow me to suggest you clean up your words – For. God’s. Glory. – 2/3/21    


Don’t measure a man by the length of his house,

Or its width, or height, or price.

Don’t gauge him by the flivver he drives,

No matter how cruddy old or how nice.

Don’t judge a man by the suit that he dons,

Or rich or poor food on his plate,

Nor by the “luck” he seems to have

Or that he has to endure bad “fate.”

In fact, it’s best to not judge him at all;

Like him for the good that you see.

Befriend him every time that you can,

Hold him equal, with you, and me.

If/when you see him a few years hence

His possessions may be more or less.

It’s the Man that counts. Now, & then.

Respect him, dear traveler – & God bless.      

– eab,  2/4/18  

Don’t be the reason your child, sibling (or other) doesn’t want to go to church. May your face & voice show how much you enjoy cooperate prayer time. May your raised hand (& perhaps a damp eye) reveal your delight in the hymns of Watts, Wesley or “What’s-his-Name.” May your attentive listening & Amens attest to your hunger for truth during the preaching of God’s Word. – 2/3/21 

Luk 4.8

“…Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God

& him only shalt thou serve.”

“A man can judge his spiritual standing by the moral standard

of the things his heart ponders with pleasure.”

– H A Baldwin

Sports is a god – people pay to attend “temples of ball” (think “baal”) & talk about it for hours/days. Hollywood is a god – people adore “stars,” buy their products, want autographs, mourn when they die.

Wall Street’s a god – people love to feel rich & powerful – made so by the tricks/traffic of this place.

Education is a god – many youth have graveled at the feet some misguided, self-proclaimed “doctors.”

Politics is a god – some people have sold their souls for a short position in state/national government.

– 2/4/21

“You can fix-up the barn & it will pay for the house; but if you fix-up the house

 you won’t have money to fix-up the barn.”
– C D Bryan, Dad (Tomorrow was his birthday, 2/5/1904)

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Psa 139.24 +

Psa 139.24

“And see if there be any wicked way in me,

& lead me in the way everlasting.”

“If your creed & Scripture do not agree, cut your creed to pieces,

 but make it agree with this book.”

– Charles Spurgeon

You went to a Bible school but you did not want the Bible way. Money & the world called & you went toward them. In fact, as I heard, you became a millionaire. Then _ _ _ _ I heard you died. Where are you? If you’re Above (I fear you’re not) a million dollars is worth little-to-nothing; the redeemed walk on gold. If you’re below you wish you’d never heard of a million – it’s truly worthless down there. – 2/2/21

“If there be anything in the church to which you belong

which is contrary to the inspired Word, leave that church.”

– Charles Spurgeon

You have God or a god – the REAL or a short-term substitute, & I mean *short-term.* If you’ve been so foolish as to choose a god from the many earthy possibilities (animal, plant, river) they may out-last you but at death you’ll leave them behind. If you’re so foolish as to choose a person (sports star, financial guru, hollywood star) they may die before you do. The True God, the only Living, yea, ever-living God, allows you to reject Him & plug in weird “wanabees” but as you pass through death’s door you’ll be so sorry you took satan’s bait. STOP. Come to Christ today! – 2/3/21

SENSES in Hell

Don’t go to endless night; there is no sight.

Leave the broad road in haste; you won’t like its final taste.

Flee damnation and fear; it will not please your ear.

Hell is very real; run from its horrible feel.

Avoid (at all costs) hell, it’ll have an awful smell.

– eab, Feb. 2010

You appear to have done well financially; are enjoying a home (are there 2?), have close friends & believe me, were I was not concerned for your soul, I could be happy for you. As I prayed for you a day or so ago, I was aware you’re probably living the BEST days of your life. *The sun is going to set.* As I thought about your world going dark, my eyes were moist. Cause – – – when the light goes out (unless you change – please DO) you’ll never see Holy Light in eternity. – 2/3/21

“In their corrupt heathen religion they spake in tongues & were now

trying to bring the same heathen practice over into their Christian Church.”

– A L Vess

Psa 53.2

“God looked down from heaven upon the children of men,

to see if there were any that did understand, that did seek God.”

We need men who pray about what to preach & men who pray as they prepare to preach. Give us more, Lord. But – this is not typed lightly – But our greatest need may not be praying preachers (though this is great.) Our churches need, Oh, how we need praying people in the pews. Will you, Friend, begin to pray more for YOUR group of believers? Will you seek God’s face for His wonderful presence to *slip* in? Note – do not try to “sing God down,” definitely do not “clap” for Him to come. Do not in anyway try to “leverage” God, but pray & obey until He is free to *slip* in among you. Pray, Friend, Pray – 2/3/21    

“Always look at your need

in the light of your God.” – James N Ward

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