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EXO 14.14 +

Exo 14.14

“The LORD shall fight for you

& ye shall hold your peace.”

“…The reason we are having trouble & the reason preachers are losing their message,

& folks are losing their testimony, is a lack of the glory of God.”
– Glenn Griffith

How does God view “A” or “B” or “C”? Do you Really want to know? You have only ONE place to find out this – the Bible. AND – – – you have only ONE time to find out this – your life on earth. You are not here to look pretty. You are not here to make money. Now is your only time to prepare for heaven.

– Are. – You. – Ready ? – 3/1/21

“If you are one in Him,

you are one with each other.”
– Glenn Griffith

I wish I knew how to warn you, to warn US ALL for what lies ahead. I don’t. But let me try a small list.

1.) If you have anything standing between you & complete spiritual victory, please get that right, today.

2.) If you have anybody to whom you owe a restitution or apology, call them, Now, pay up, today.

3.) If you’re uncertain about some Belief please take a day, get alone *with, & then agree *with the Bible.

4.) If you have a child in college welcome them home, let them find a job, & start to study on their own.

5.) If you have children, start home schooling tomorrow. Let God lead you, literally. He can/will. – 2/27/21

Soul growth

Your body which once skipped and ran

Has slowed down now to a walk.

Your brain which once surged with ideas

Has leveled to more reasonable talk.

But your Soul, once your last concern,

Has grown, ah, has learned to discern

Between mere chaff,

(Good for a moment’s laugh)

And that which souls need to eat

The true substance, True Wheat.

– eab,  3/1/17 

TV, hollywood & disney are to be avoided! If you’ve succeeded, thank God. (If you’re enmeshed in their slime I hope you’re striving to extract yourself/family.) But, you may never watch a screen & yet be a slave to silliness & jokes. Be careful of your reading, of “family humor” & other concessions to a world awash in frivolity. Yes, there’s a place for laughter (best based on accidental occurrences) but far too much laughter is “planned.” Enjoying a smile or laugh is fine – don’t make it your goal to make others laugh. – 3/1/21

“Now they can do things that one day were sin to them. They have watched other people…

until now they do not hear the voice of conscience.”

– U E Harding

Eph 5.3-4

“…Fornication & all uncleanness…let it not be once named among you…

Neither filthiness, nor foolish talking, nor jesting…”

A so-called “apologist” is now known to have “crashed & (sadly, I fear) burned.” I’m glad I never quoted him. “Apologetics…the intellectual defense of the truth of the Christian religion…” – as defined by Britannica.com. Though some favoring this sub-class (to them) of theology would have you believe “x” or “y” in history were “apologists,” the word is not used until 1733. Preach Christ! Preach for the salvation & sanctification of souls! Do NOT try to win just the “brainy;” seek to win all men/women to Jesus. – 3/1/21 

“I still believe men are lost!  I am afraid of thie age of indifference!

— Oh, I am afraid of being lost!”

– U E Harding

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