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EXO 20.3 +

EXO 20.3

“Thou shalt have no other gods before me.”

“Legalism-the stunted & spoiled fruit

of a beautiful tree.”

– Paul W Finch

Power. To too many that word means one thing – electric Power. It sounds ancient but it wasn’t that long ago when no one (pauper or prince) had electricity in his home. We should be open to doing without it again. Yes, it’s a nice servant when its “obeying” but at times it’s wayward. Can we survive without it? It would be a big step (backward – most of us would think) but to not need its “juice” for light, cooking, heating *could* (I purposely chose that word) be liberating in a basic, rustic way. – 2/21/21 

“…Ardent love cannot but be zealously obedient.”

– John Fletcher

The ability to Believe comes from God. The *freedom* to choose what you want to believe also comes from God. The Almighty allows you to believe in Him or in one of satan’s 1000s of gods. He permits you to believe in miracles or magic. The Lord lets you accept Scripture or “science falsely so called”(1Ti 6.20). God allows you the chose between true & false – but He holds you responsible for your choice. Leave the world of fiction, pretending, & falseness (it’ll soon disappear) & embrace God’s real, eternal Truth.-2/28/21


Much of the kind palaver  When friends and family gather

Is about what the man did  While he scurried o’er the earth.

What his parents could afford  Where he schooled, and what he scored,

Talk is of what he added  To his family’s total worth.

Or if he was a mixer  Perhaps a great up-fixer

Or that he was quite candid  Or a man of jolly mirth.

None of such talk is centered  On the place the dead entered

For the one discussed has died  Forever leaving old earth.

To go up to God’s heaven  Which has no carnal leaven

Requires, to be qualified  A second and holy birth.

After “birth” did he invest  His talents as he was blest?

Had he God’s kingdom supplied  Even in times of his dearth?

What we’re worth when our life ends  Heaven’s count of us depends

Not upon gold neatly stacked  Nor upon our ranch’s girth.

Heaven’s the place to send wealth  Eternal illness or health

High investment – related   Whether from New York or Perth. – eab, 3/2/07  

Dad, if you tend toward athletics your son sees that & often follows. If you delight in dollars, making them, investing in them, no doubt your lad sees that too. Does he see you oft go to your prayer closet? Does he see that your highest earthly joy is talking with the Highest?   – 3/2/21

Some women spend a lot of time “getting pretty.” Others cook to the delight of all who anticipate her tasty dishes. Mom, do your daughters see that your greatest pleasure is the hour you spend in your prayer closet?

Joh 1.11

“He came unto his own &

his own received him not.”

“Extraordanary things appear always incredible

 in proportion to our ignorance.”

– John Fletcher 

You’ve convinced yourself that christian women, can wear pants. I don’t agree with you but I wish to compliment you & others who, though you excuse such outfits, had enough respect for your mother/dad or your educational “mother” (alma mater) to show up in a modest skirt & top or modest dress. Thank You. You remembered how your parents raised you & showed respect. You remembered you couldn’t wear pants at school & didn’t traipse there in trousers. I appreciate your consideration. Bless you for it. – 3/2/21  

“True reason, alas!

is as rare as true piety.”

– John Fletcher 

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