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EXO 20.7 +

Exo 20.7

“Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain;

for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.”

“If you are troubled about the commandments, if you are troubled about standards & troubled about convictions you can have the remedy. The Glory of God is the remedy.”
– Glenn Griffith

Heaven will hold the most diverse population of holy people you’ve ever seen. (And, Oh I do hope you’ll obey God & be there.) There’ll be (IMO) men & women from every continent & island across earth. There’ll be people who died in old age & the very young. There’ll be this tinge of skin & that. (If you disagree, its OK, but I perceive heaven as a vast bouquet of skin/hair hues.) There could be a variety of languages but where each will readily understand his neighbor. And – let this soak – the above is just about our time. Heaven will have the redeemed of all centuries, all cultures, all civilizations! – 3/5/21 

“The glory of God

brings a burden for souls.”
– Glenn Griffith

History. History? How much (or how little) of what we learned are our children/grandchildren learning? As serious (perhaps more so) how much of what WE learned was true history & how much of it was written by a man with an agenda (financial, political, religious)? And how much of true history got edited in (or edited out) before the book was accepted by the publishers? Trying to control what people think is NOT solely a 21st century problem. There’s One(1) History you can trust – the Bible. – 3/5/21

11? – Then 13!

Some would explain away,

Wearing gold, pearls, and costly array,

“That was penned to ancients, THEM I mean.”

Then, so was chapter thirteen.

– eab,  3/5/09 

Lent? Let’s see – where would I find this word? Matthew? No. Mark? No. Luke…you guessed it – it’s not in the NT. (Its uses in the OT are forms of “lend.”) OK to fast? Surely, a meal (or two) in all 52 weeks of the year, as the Lord leads, not just certain weeks to suit a system. Pray extra? Again, surely if you’re really seeking God – not doing a formal form. Please drop obeying church calendars. Christianity is NOT cyclical. Never. Christianity is linear. We’re headed somewhere, not merely going in circles. – 3/5/21    

“U E Harding of the hills, do you still love people…Are you only in the professional business of preaching or do you still love the souls of men?”

– U E Harding

Jude 24

“Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling & to present you faultless

before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy”

A number of people are concerned about the freedoms we’re losing in US, Canada & other places. Bro., Sis, do you have true (not hyped up) freedom at your Church? When is the last time You, allow me to press that button again, You testified in the Spirit in your church? When’s the last time you wept aloud under a burden during congregational prayer? When’s the last time you shouted in the Meeting? One reason we’re losing our freedoms as citizens may be ‘cause we’ve lost Freedom in our houses of worship.Amen? – 3/5/21 

“The modernists across the country…tear up the Garden of Eden…tear up Bethlehem‘s Manger…

tear down Calvary‘s Cross…take Christ out of God…& the inspiration out of the Bible”

– U E Harding

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