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EXO 20.12 +

Exo 20.12

“Honor thy father & thy mother: that thy days may be long

upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee.”

“The closer He came to Calvary,

the narrower the group became.”
– Steve D Herron

WHO IS SAVED #1 God could let us know X has just “made it into heaven.” He doesn’t. He could also say, Y just “landed” in hell. He does not. Let me say (hopefully without sounding too much like a “smart aleck”) it’s none of our business. And truthfully, it is not. Salvation is between One Triune God & one sinner “saved by grace” – regardless of preacher, church membership, or “catechism.” – 3/5/21

“…You know what happened that first day when Adam & Eve sinned?

God didn’t send thunderbolts from heaven. Instead He came & looked them up.”
– Steve D Herron

WHO IS SAVED #2  If you KNEW Brother X was in heaven you might imitate him & lose your soul. The strange habit, or quirk, or idiosyncrasy God didn’t see as disobedience to Him. The Lord knew X’s personality & background perfectly & overlooked it. God also knows you inside & out & knows that if you imitated Bro. X it could weaken & destroy your soul. God wants us to follow GOD explicitly. Going to heaven is based on individual obedience. Please obey Him. Don’t live to suit anybody but Him. – 3/5/21 

Greek or Jew  

A Greek long, long dead,

Is said to have said,

               “Know thyself.”

The greatest JEW taught

To say, what we ought –

               “No” to self.            

– eab, 3/9/07

You can’t believe Scripture & fully believe “science.” They’re opposites. Want to guess which was first? So, when “science” opposes Scripture, the fallen perpetrators of “science,” unless totally ignorant of the Bible, do it on purpose. With the backing of certain systems “science” has been vying to be “God.” Christian teacher, Christian homeschool parent, Christian thinker – it’s past time we read God’s Word literally & either back away from reading words of mere men, OR read them (watch their “news” films) with much more of a critical eye. Stop believing “…science falsely so called”(1Ti 6.20). – 3/6/21

“…the experience of heart purity is obtained while obediently walking with God

& retained only while obediently keeping His commandments.”

– Wm Jones, MD

1Th 5.17

“Pray without ceasing.”

Read a modern author (if still alive he could yet backsliding) rarely & with a “grain of salt.” Note his theology (it may color more than you think), his marriage (or heaven forbid, divorce & remarriage) & note *who* is hyping his book. Left-leaning people tend to read & brag-up those who are Leftists or those who are known to NOT preach/teach a strong Bible separation. If X is not holiness, if his marriage has gone awry, if he’s being “endorsed” by the pastor/prof who’s moving left, I’d encourage you to be very careful. And – hear me – be willing to obey the Spirit when He says to stop reading! – 3/8/21

“…If the Holy Ghost cannot extirpate this impurity now

He can never do it; for Omnipotence does not admit of possible increase.”

– Wm Jones, MD

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