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Exo 20.13 +

Exo 20. 13

“Thou shalt not kill.”

“Sin committed &

depravity felt are very different.”
– R S Foster

Beware. If you want to be worldly in “A” “B” “C” (or all 3) yet want to claim “you love Christ with all your heart” satan can have a “fix” for that – one that will last until death (after death, be totally worthless). It seems satan has an imitation spirit which – if you’re gullible, can appear to be the “Holy Spirit.” In reality you can’t “have your cake & eat it to” – you can’t have this world & God’s Upper World both. Friend, die out to this fleeting, failing, fallen world. Come WHOLLY to Christ. – 1/1/21

“…Do you become impatient under trial, fretful when crossed, angry revengeful when injured, vain when flattered, proud when prospered, complaining when chastened, unbeliev­ing when seemingly forsaken, unkind when neglected?”
– R S Foster

There is an OT. There is a NT. Seldom does one hear (or even hear about) lessons on the differences. Some want to drag certain OT practices into today. To try to do so is to ignore the greatest Life, Death & Resurrection in history. Don’t. We are not OT “law & the prophets” followers but press into “the Kingdom of God”(Luk 16.16). Some (it seems) find comfort in OT traditions. There is, Praise God, “a liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free”(Gal 5.1). Enjoy it. Seek no return to rites. God’s NT originality is refreshingly better than the rituals of the OT. – 3/6/21


Look around you

At the things that astound you

And the thoughts that confound you

At the objects that would drawn you

Looking around can hound you.

The Cry of alarm is “Look out.”

The Calm of heaven’s charm is “Look up.”

– eab,  3/6/12

The Bible was not written so “God wouldn’t forget” (as we write ourselves notes). God forgets nothing – except what He wishes to forget; our confessed sins. No, the Bible was written for us, the children of earth. It will – if we follow It – help us arrive in heaven. I cannot urge you too strongly – Read, Study, Memorize (from) the Bible. Start or deepen today. – 3/9/21 

“…Till the last trumpet calls him to judgment; where the inquiry will be how humbly, how devoutly, how purely, how meekly, how piously, how charitably, how heavenly, we have spoken thought & acted.”

– Wm Law

Rom 15.3

“For even Christ pleased not himself; but, as it is written,

The reproaches of them that reproached thee fell on me.”

Please “watch” what you watch. Even if you know its science fiction you can get “pulled into” a plot, half-believe in your “space travel,” & carry the pics in your mind for yrs. It’s even worse when you think you’re watching a documentary. It’s too easy to believe the motion pic. It’s too easy to “buy” the words of a mere script-writer. Remember – movie makers have motives. He wants you to believe his story line. DON’T. Think. Think for yourself. Much, MUCH of hollywood/disney is corrupt. – 3/11/21

“…No Christian is to enter any further into business nor for any other ends than such as he can in singleness of heart offer to God…Take this away from tradesmen & shops are but so many houses of greediness & filthy lucre…

– Wm Law

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