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EXO 20.14 +

EXO 20.14

“Thou shalt not commit adultery.”

“…Among rich men some are richer than others…among tall men some are taller than others…among perfect Christians some are more perfect than others.”

– John Fletcher >> may want to “chew” on this –eab<<

For 100s of years Christian Dads taught sons how to do a, b, c. Christian Moms taught daughters how to do x, y, z. Someone suggested there be specialists (I’ve spent many of my adult years enjoying teaching, so I understand this) but the time to return to the priority of parent-teachers is here (& has been here). satan doesn’t want your child to go to heaven. As Christian parents that is your primary concern. >Note, I did not say should be, I said IS!< I urge you, if you’re not home schooling, to lay plans NOW. – 3/6/21

“Ye are the living temples of the Trinity: the Father is your life,

the Son your light, the Spirit your love.”

– John Fletcher

Someday (could be hours, could be decades) we will meet the Author of the Bible face to Face. What will you tell Him about not liking His Book? Not liking It enough to read It from cover-to-cover? Not liking It enough to read It DAILY? What will you tell Him about not studying this CLASSIC of all Classics? Change now, Friend, while you may. – 3/9/21


Old Daniel to the cats was sent

His enemies hoped he’d be rent.

God gave them “lockjaw,”

And a “paralyzed” paw.

Medes-Persians “laws” were bent. (Dan 6.22)

– eab, March  2005

Are we paying attention? Our services are changing. The hymnal is being replaced – it was once a solid second source of the Classic KJV (responsive readings). A screen probably encourages “hymn lite” & cheap songs by musicians (not poets). The “concert of corporate prayer” (when all the saints lift voices & hands) is being replaced. Listening to one man pray is not the same as us giving God our personal praises & petitions. We’re being modernized & some without noticing it. – 3/11/21

Joh 1.4

“In him was life &

the life was the light of men.”

“Prayer is an earnest & familiar talking with God.”

– John Knox

Does your church have a modesty standard for those who play/sing on the platform? Who is the designated lady (kind but firm) who’s to talk to the female who breaks that? (Or man who speaks to the male offender?) If a woman’s neckline is too low or blouse / sweater too tight God is not glorified. If her knees are showing as she stands up front (or proceeds & returns from the platform) the Lord is not honored. Better to have NO soloist, as have immodesty hurting the moving of the Holy Spirit. – 3/12/21

“The Scriptures of God are my only foundation &

substance in all matters of weight & importance.”

– John Knox

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