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EXO 20.16 +

EXO 20.16

“Thou shalt not bear false witness

against thy neighbor.”

“God honors faith

because faith honors God.”

– Larry Grile

That re-action you had – you expressed it on social media – or you felt it in your heart, whether expressed or unexpressed, was that reaction toward the idea they presented or, (be honest) was it because of WHO said it? Sometimes a rather ugly little pitcher may have the very milk you need for your cream-o-wheat. AND our re-action may, repeat may, tell you more about your heart (are we out-of-sorts with So-n-So?) than about them. – 3/14/21

“Modest is humility dressed up…”

– Glenn Griffith

Do you, Do I, really want to see an awakening? Are we (you & me) hungry to see Mr X saved? Do we long to see Mrs Y turn back to God? Or, hear me out, or, are we wanting to *SAY* God moved so we can feel “spiritual”? If church had a Sin-Killing, Carnality-Eradicating, Wakening we might “lose” our daughter to the mission field or our son to a small-church pastorate in South Dakota or Wyoming. Real revivals come with a price & leave the church changed. Warm-overs don’t. Do we want an awakening? – 3/15/21


Call forth the pastor with a “certain sound,”

Call the evangelist to find the unfound,

But also call the pray-er laboring in the night

Pulling reluctant sinners into Gospel Light.

All three are needed. They need to abound!

– eab,  3/16/16

The devil is fighting God’s Book with images. There is the painted/charcoal image. There’s the black & white photo image. There’s the black & white movie image. There’s the movie with sound image. There’s the colored movie image. satan uses (if you allowed him) these to distract you from the Words of God. God’s Book preceded them all. The devil’s used images to keep the gullible from God’s Words. – 3/16/21 

Exo 20.4 Thou shalt not make unto thee

any graven image.”

“This is strength; this is peace; to feel, in entering on every day, that all its duties & trials have been committed to the Lord Jesus – that, come what may He will use us for His own glory & our real good”

– John G Paton

You moved to the right of how you were raised OR, you moved left of the school you attended. You feel good about the newly-found “carefulness” OR, you’re happy with a newly-acquired “freedom.” A similar word for Both of you. Love God more than your lines of carefulness or “unfenced” freedom. You can’t love Him too much. If you find your love for God cooling, drop your changes & move swiftly back to the Lord. One More Word. Love those who didn’t change with you. Don’t write them off. Don’t hate them (Hate can’t enter heaven.) Love God. Love people. Not gush but true Love. – 3/16/21

“How good we are as preachers depends – not altogether,

but (make no mistake!) primarily – on how good we are as men.”

– John Knox

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