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EXO 25.40 +

EXO 25.40

“And look that thou make them after their pattern,

which was showed thee in the mount.”

“Fruit bearing is an everyday job

for everyday Christians.”

– Richard G Humble, Easley, SC

If you sense some spiritual warm left in a small church here, a little chapel yonder, they may be enjoying benefits from the prayers of saints no longer able to attend. Please Pastor, please man-filling-in-for-pastor, thank God for any left-over warmth but start now, to build again a cadre of praying people. Oh, how our churches need the Light & the Warmth from newer, younger saints, believing, holding onto God’s promises. – 3/15/21

“Saul had the greatest O T pastor – Samuel.”

– Richard G Humble

What’s worse than not being ready when you die?  Nothing?  Wait.  Sadly, there IS something worse than dying unprepared – that is dying with a “head belief” that all is well – – – when it is Not. You left a life based on the Bible yrs ago, but have pretended it made no difference. You tried to make yourself believe being separate from the world was “ole-foggy” or “narrow” or too old-fashioned. Please come back to where you left the Right Road & start afresh. Today. Please. – 3/18/21


Every week the Lord has given,

A Day to remember, “His is risen!”

Christians rejoice, not just once a year,

(Sinners don’t do that, I sadly fear.)

That Christ came and lived our life,

Knew sweat, thirst, saw our strife,

Was rejected by those He called His own,

Sold by a disciple He had known,

Tried – what a “trial” it must have seemed,

Who knew Justice before Adam’s sun beamed,

He was nailed to wood, placed between two thieves,

(One dies in sin – One believes.)

Christ died as dead as any mortal man,

The Perfect Sacrifice, the Perfect Plan.

Was that all – He lived like us and died?

Had earthly lambs dying, all grief satisfied?

Death was the end for wooly little sheep;

Not for Christ – He had a promise to keep.

And keep it He did – He left that new grave.

He arose victorious, He arose man to save.

He triumphed over our last enemy, death.

His victory gives the soul spiritual breath.

Birth was necessary to have life,

Life was necessary to face dying strife,

Death was necessary to Resurrect,

Resurrect He did – Romans & Jews could detect

An empty grave, a tomb now unneeded,

A stone rolled, Rome’s seal unheeded.

Oh, the victory, Oh the glory, Oh the might.

Gone, for God’s men, gone forever is the night!

– eab,  3/18/08

You don’t beat your wife? Good – don’t brag about that – that’s normal. You don’t get drunk once a month? I’m glad you don’t – but that’s near normal, in the sense that 1000s of people do not.  You don’t – – – make your own list. “Don’ts” don’t get you into heaven. “Oh, but I DO some things too: 1.) I go to church (or did before the gov’t virus), 2.) I support a missionary in Vanuatu, & 3.) I helped build the manger scene last yr.” Pardon me for the negative – but what we “Do” does not gain us heaven either. “Not of works, lest any man should boast”(Eph 2.9). – 3/18/21

Heb 12.14

“Follow peace with all men & holiness,

without which no man shall see the Lord:”

“With the deepest humility

Christ should be credited for all He does within the heart.”

– M W Knapp

You see yourself as a holiness preacher. If asked, you’d identify your congregation as a holiness. When is the last time you (lead by the Spirit) devoted an entire sermon to the need for being Sanctified? When did you last preach a whole message on the wonderful Fruit of the Spirit? Or spend the sermon hour wading through the terrible list of carnal traits but ending with the fact that they can all be removed & will be, when we pray, believe & obey the Spirit? Has the “Holy Heart” lecture gotten pushed to the back-burner? 3/18/21 

“Revival Efforts…

Formalists, hypocrites  

saloonists, & the devil all hate them.”

– M W Knapp

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