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LONG – If you are anti-KJV let me suggest two directions (if you want to be intellectually honest) you can go to maybe cure this. One is to explore – the more unpleasant I list first – the lives those who share your mistake view. Read what their critics have written about their academic degrees, about their delving into cults or the occult, about their personal lives (divorced & remarried, sodomy/lesbianism, dishonesty, death bed confessions, attempts as retracting their “support” for this version or that, etc). To read gushy little, easy-flowing biographies by a friend is to not fully see true lives. Try to find out WHY they opposed this CLASSIC of all Classics, of all Literature of English speaking people. Get beyond their supposed superior “newly-found manuscripts – there was very possibly, a tell-tale moment when they turned against the Authorized Version. That is the point of their weakness. That is the point at which you need to look. Was there a motive to their rejection? Find it & Please, Friend, do not repeat such a moment in your life. – 3/20/21

LONG  The other direction is to take off a month (a yr if need be) from all hobbies/sports/entertaining pursuits (Keep working, keep married, keep being a good dad but devote the time you spend on the above) & climb as best you can back into the 1500-1600’s. Attempt to capture the fervor of the (then) recent Reformation. Try to see Christianity through the eyes of the great men who gave their lives, literally in some case, to give the world the Word of God in English. Now start to acquaint yourself with the stately men who gave four years of their lives, putting aside much of their own studies & putting their heads together to produce the Bible. Did they know they were producing a Classic? I don’t know that they did. Were they aware that English was – & more so, would become, the lingua franca of the next four plus centuries? I don’t know that they did. God knew. Believe me, these lives are worth more than a passing moment, more than a boring yawn. Search what made them individually & collectively “tick.” And, don’t for a second speak against this monarch until you’ve read a lot about him. For one thing, he didn’t translate anything. He was (as far as I know, still holds the record) the most literary monarch of England, if not the world. And James I was so right to insist on no notes being printed in the Bible. – 3/20/21    

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EXO 32.6 +

EXO 32.6

“…The people sat down to eat & to drink,

& rose up to play.”

“Till you press the believers to expect full salvation now

you must not look for any revival.”

– J Wesley

You & I have seen a point of separation from the world (or a point of theology) differently. If you have had Perfect Love, if I have had Perfect Love we can (tho in some area disagreeing) meet on Heaven’s holy & happy shore, Perfect Love taking precedence over all. Praise God. Or sadly, you & I may have dotted similar “i’s” crossed like “t’s” but if you, if I, lack Perfect Love we won’t share the splendors of God’s Marvelous Home but be confined to His eternal trash heap. Please Bro. Please Sis. whether we see eye-to-eye or not, seek, find, & retain Perfect Love.  – 3/19/21  

“In my opinion no one is fit for God’s service until he is willing to be considered

mad by the world. They said Paul was mad…”

– D L Moody

Some man in an insignificant corner of God’s footstool now & then feels a surge of devilish carnality & spouts his version of “wisdom” heavenward. He thinks he’s smart. He grows old & dies. Another mortal in a different but equally unimportant corner of God’s footstool clambers onto his upturned bucket, spouts similar trivia. He grows old & dies. A man here & there on one continent or another speaks disrespectfully of God & God in His patience allows him. Mere Mortal – listen. Stop such nonsense. God will win. Repent. 3/19/21

Help me Lord   

Help me Lord to preach holiness

As often as you want me to preach it.

To show by your Word and my little life

It’s *now* possible to reach it.

In the end there’s only one place it will not be

Holiness will have conquered earth, land & sea,

Hell’s the only one place it will not be.

There across a great gulf

Holiness they will always see.

Did I say across? A cross is what

Paid the price for holiness, so heavenly nice.

Friend, seek to be holy now, on the earth

Only eternity will long reveal its pure worth.

Help me to preach, to reach, each.

With this message, good for every age,

Preach it by internet, voice, by printed page.

Truly it is holiness (finally) or it is hell.

What a burden to have, a burden to tell.

And, thank God, seeking it can end very well.

– eab,  3/18/11

WARNING – could be heavy. Your brother/sister was a true follower of Christ – so much so you believe they’re in heaven. Your sib left behind a son/daughter who is anything-but-a-follower of Christ. The configuration of the family may leave you the only saint to pray for your wayward nephew or niece. Are you doing this? “Well, I mention their name in family altar every day.” Thank you. If roles were reversed, would you want your sibling to pray for *your child more than you pray for theirs? Think about it.- 3/20/21

Jas 5.16

“Confess your faults one to another & pray one for another, that ye may be healed.

The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”

“Keep as sweet as John & at the same time

as bold as Peter after the Pentecostal Baptism.”

– M W Knapp

Still living, I of course, don’t understand the seriousness of death, but I suspicion my view’s closer than some of what I see reflected on social media. 15 seconds after death much – dare I guess almost all – of what was SUPER important to you, will be considered trash. Since it will soon be as garbage, I urge you to think of it as garbage now & turn from it. Stop allegiance to Sports. Stop viewing Sci-Fi. Stop gambling. Stop porno. Stop going to the left-leaning “church.” Heaven will be Worth. It. All. – 3/20/21  

“A ticket agent [pre 1890] at a railroad station gave a tract with each ticket.

22 persons wrote him that they had been converted by means of his tracts.”

– M W Knapp

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