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EXO 32.33 +

EXO 32.33

“And the LORD said unto Moses, Whosoever hath sinned against me

him will I blot out of my book.”

“All that the world knows of practical godliness

it has to learn from the lives of Christians.”

– George B Kulp

Years ago the question was raised in my mind, “is USA in prophecy”? It is not named in Daniel (as are Babylon [ch.1-5&7, Grecia [ch.8,10,11], Media [ch.8], & Persia [ch.8,10,11]. At least twice in fairly recent days I’ve run across the idea that USA is the 2nd beast in Rev.13. This was not stated, but USA may head up the new world order (the United Nations headquarters is already in NYC). Be watchful. Be prayerful. Be reading God’s Words. Be reading It with notes. – 3/22/21

“Conscience is the book in which our daily sins are written

& time never effaces the record”

– George B Kulp

The One we Christians worship is the Lord. The Lord Jesus came back to life the 1st day of the week. Please honor Him by calling the day LORD’S DAY. After all, It is His Day. Please stop saying “sunday.” I fear that who ever called the 1st day of the week sunday worshipped the sun. I do not – I doubt that you do. So why should we repeatedly honor the sun by calling a certain day after it. [BTW in typing this pagan name my spell check more than once made “s” into “S” automatically.] – 3/22/21


Heather Colwell Bryan’s the name.

If that seems odd, Dad and Mom are to blame.

Heather is some kind of wild flower, I guess,

To be a botanist, you see, I don’t profess,

But that’s what they call me just the same.

Colwell I know a bit more about;

Pop’s Mom was one, that much I’ve found out.

Good people.  Those Colwells,

Though some I’ve not met,

The girls changed their name (Uncle John hasn’t yet.)

Believe I’ll keep mine for all of life’s route.

My last name’s just like William Jennings Bryan.

(All three would be, if I’d been a boy – no lyin’.)

So there you have it, my names complete,

Until at the altar (D.V.) my husband I meet.

And that’s too far away now for sighin’ and cryin’.

Tweet, tweet.   – eab,  3/20/75

“Easter is a convergence of three traditions. Pagan…Hebrew…Christian…the Hebrew Passover falls on any day of the week and this did not suit the Christians. They wanted a Holy Week…at Nicaea they had to decide who was to manage the full moon…this was referred to Alexander, the citadel of astronomy…based, not on observation of the moon in the sky, but on mathematics and many cycles were tried…8 years…19 years…84 years…” – Encyclopedia American, 1963. 

Rev 2.16

“Repent; or else I will come unto thee quickly,

& will fight against them with the sword of my mouth.”

“If we are believing & obedient,

feeling or no feeling, we have Jesus…”

– M W Knapp

One Being leads the God-centered church service. He can direct the pastor with opening welcome & prayer. He can lead the song leader to select this hymn, not that. He can prompt old Bro So-n-So to stand & praise the Lord or younger Sis What’s-her-Name to sing her testimony. He can have prepared Bro Pastor to present the very teachy/preachy thoughts which fit the configuration of that meeting (but those thoughts wouldn’t have “worked” last Lord’s day at all). The “order” of the service when the Spirit is leading is superb; never boring. It’s refreshing in a heavenly way. O God give us more of these.  3/22/21

“ ‘I can’t believe’ is simply a canting way

of saying ‘I wont obey.’ ”

– M W Knapp

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