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LEV 20.7 +

Lev 20.7

“Sanctify yourselves therefore & be ye holy:

for I am the LORD your God.”

“And there & then, on horseback, I said ONE eternal ‘YES’

to all the will of God, never to take it back.”
– J B McBride

ATTENTION: you don’t wear gold/pearls (or substitutes for them). WHY do you listen to people sing or play religious music with them? “Bryan, you’re being picky.” I doubt I am. And, I doubt that all bedecked singers are right with God. Please Sir/Please Ma’am reconsider what “artists” you listen to free, & those you support by buying CDs. If they’re not right with God, their music may entertain but NOT bless you. – 3/27/21

“…Holiness is the best preparation

for life with its labors…”
– J B McBride

Want to home school but are a bit leery? That’s understandable. Afraid you’ll get weary? You may tire of home schooling. Is home schooling only for certain parents? Doubt that idea – doubt it strongly. That lad is your lad, to try to get to heaven. That lass is your lass, to try to get to heaven. To teach them at home can be the key to them making *heaven their Home.* You can’t do this by yourself – you need Christ’s power. A Christian parent makes the very BEST home school Dad/Mom. Please yield all to Him. – 3/28/21


The grand Lord knew, after the white and the blue,

Of the cold, crisp fortnights of chill,

After stark star lights and short day sights,

And iced over bridges at the bottoms of the hill,

After sleet’s solid rain and the snow flakes again,

And the humdrum of life in confinement;

That man needed to sing – he needed spring –

The Lord’s annual perfection of refinement.     

– eab,  3/29/80

He Arose!  This Lord’s Day in history?  I’d hate to have the job of trying to prove it was THIS calendar date** – but I have full confidence Christ arose on *that* First Day, *that* First LORD’S DAY. He could have arisen on the jewish 7th day (sabbath ). He did not. He was establishing a new way to heaven, His way, the Christian Walk. His resurrection on the Lord’s Day (Rev 1.10) is what we can celebrate 52 times a yr. 

** More than one calendar’s been “floated” in history. Who’s to say if this “man-made schedule” fits with God’s great time Piece in Heaven? That being said, if we accept this calendar as being somewhat right, then we can accept that Christ arose on the first day of the week or properly, The Lord’s Day. – 3/28/21

“Purity is a proper preparation for growth; maturity is the gradual perfecting of growth.

Purity is instantaneous, maturity is gradual. Purity respects quality, maturity quantity.”

– Wm McDonald

1Pe 1.3

“Blessed be the God & Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, which according to his abundant mercy

hath begotten us again unto a lively hope by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead”

THINK (please).  Is your goal to be Biblical or traditional? The roman system established many traditions. Sadly with silence in pulpits, traditions have increased among evangelicals, even holiness people. I saw the following list – it is almost entirely tradition. “Palm Sunday, Holy Monday, Holy Tuesday, Holy Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Resurrection Sunday.” I hope you see that only 3 of these 16 words are Biblical: palm, holy, & resurrection. – 3/29/21

“…John Calvin who justifies Christians getting angry

is historically known for his disposition & exhibition of anger.”

– Warren C McIntire

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