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NUM 6.24 +

Num 6.24

“The LORD bless thee,

and keep thee:”

“To the wicked man death is the end of all joys;

to a godly man it is the end of all griefs.”

– Matthew Henry

Young Wife (or older wife, for that matter) – you have a husband who wants to go with God. He tries to pray with you & the children. He wants to do right in business & in the home. “But, I’m embarrassed when he says ‘Amen’ in church.” Sister, you should not be. This is the quietest world you’ll ever live in. Get closer to God. And thank the Lord you have a man who loves God. – 3/30/21 

“This world is like a hwy. on which are two groups…

some glad & some sad…some are going home & others into exile.”

– Samuel               Coleridge

Some things I post I could wish expressed in a country pulpit here or a village chapel there. Other stuff could be said in a classroom. A few things I try to post would be nice to say to you, as we enjoy porch chairs (yours or mine J). And now & then comes an idea that might fit a walk-in-the-woods where we’re both scanning nature & sort-a-thinking-out-loud. Please read them – not to be offended. Read them – not to see their flaws. Hopefully a little light bulb flickers occasionally. Enjoy that moment & “Give God the Glory” – quote from Jimmy Willis (original Kingfish) from a 1957 chapel. – 3/31/21

N T Saul

Damascus was where he would go!

Little did that Pharisee know,

He’d soon drop his sword

And follow the true Lord;

Tho he found you “reap what you sow.” Act 9.2

– eab,  4/2/05

To accept the idea of Christ dying on “Friday” (modern calendar) is to rather blindly agree with roman tradition AND is to totally ignore the ONE sign Jesus Himself gave. “But he answered & said unto them An evil & adulterous generation seeketh after a sign & there shall no sign be given to it but the sign of the prophet Jonas. For as Jonas was three days & three nights in the whale’s belly; so shall the Son of man be three days & three nights in the heart of the earth”(Mat 12.39-40). – 4/2/21

Jon 1.17

“Now the LORD had prepared a great fish to swallow up Jonah.

And Jonah was in the belly of the fish three days & three nights.”

“This salvation can save us from all kinds of evil habits: drinking, swearing, dancing, card playing & attending shows, races, theaters, ball games; in fact from every allurement of the world.”

– J B McBride

Christ was nailed to cross the 4th day (“Thursday” as our calendars say) & He spent the 1st night in the earth.

He was dead all the 5th day (“Friday” per our present calendars) & then He spent the 2nd night in the earth.

He was dead all the 6th day (“Saturday” as modern weeks have it) & then He spent the 3rd night in the earth.

Christ arose third day of His saga but FIRST DAY of the week = nite|DAY|nite|DAY|nite|DAY (Mat 12.40)

“The one damning sin of which we are guilty & which makes us deserving of hell

is unbelief in God’s Son & rejection of the atonement of His Blood.”

– J B McBride

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