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Num 6.25 +

Num 6.25

“The LORD make his face shine upon thee

& be gracious unto thee”

“…To be unresponsive to the call of the Spirit to get sanctified is a particularly serious sin

—…You cannot reject God on this line…& be a Christian.”

– Warren  C McIntire

STOP. Stop excusing your sin. No, you do not have to sin. You want to sin. You’re enjoying it.

STOP your prayerlessness. Make, remodel, designate yourself a Prayer Closet. Now, go in & weep.

STOP running with compromisers. “But they’re intellectuals.” Oh? They’re not smart enough to mind God!

STOP being “ashamed of the gospel of Christ.” Paul was smarter than us & he was not unashamed.

STOP being ashamed of holiness separation, ashamed of modest skirts, ladies with long hair & no TV.


“Outbreaking sin comes after you are backslidden. Backsliding is a matter of quarreling with God over some issue – It is a matter of disobedience.”

– Warren C McIntire
If you’re a Christian allow me to urge you: live clean. The enemies of Christ tend to point out the short-comings of saints. This is very likely to increase as the age slopes to its end. Men, don’t be alone long with a man other than a close relative. Do not travel days together, sleep in the same bed etc. (Same applies to women with women). Men don’t be alone with a woman who is not closely related, unless your wife is there. satan (& helpers) will lie but give them no shred of truth upon which to build a falsehood. – 4/3/21


A duck I saw on yonder “pond,”

Of being a duck, I hope he’s fond;

Cause that’s what he was hatched to be,

He’ll be a duck o’er land, o’er sea,

Until the day he dies.

One’s “born again” to be a saint,

Living for Christ has no complaint,

A Christian’s like Christ – thus he is born,

And tells it (like the duck with his “horn”)

Until the day he dies.

– eab,  4/2/07

Never lie. “Even to preserve life?” Never lie. A very tragic thing would be to “preserve” physical life at the loss of your soul. “I can lie to save a life & *then ask God to forgive me.” This assumes 2 dangerous points: 1.) It assumes God will be ‘at your beck & call’ i.e. that you can ask God to forgive you anytime & that He’s obligated to do it – please don’t  presume on the Lord. 2.) It assumes that you’ll live long enough to get right with God: you may not. Never lie! – 4/3/21

“…As one as said, it were better to be ‘learning the alphabet in heaven

than reading Greek in hell.’”

– M W Knapp

Rev 21.8

“…All liars shall have their part in the lake

which burneth with fire & brimstone…”

Is it time for you to walk in the Light? Is this the yr you stop going to the “sun-rise service”? Once I didn’t see they were connected to ancient sun-worship. Once (more, maybe?) I sang at a “sun-rise service” not realizing how un-christian they were. satan has used cults to mix “christianity” (there’s no question CHRIST CAME BACK TO LIFE) with a paganism (sun-worship is wrong, Wrong). I urge you to not go tomorrow. (One church I pastored had a “sun-rise service” *without* me.) – 4/3/21  

“Whenever there has been a Saul suddenly blazing up…

there has also been some Stephen who has helped to kindle the flame.”

– M W Knapp

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