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NUM 6.26 +

Num 6.26

“The LORD lift up his countenance upon thee

 & give thee peace.”

“Man knows us &

God judges us

by our records…”

– Wilfred Grenfell, MD

Watching a film is a spiritual experience (not using spiritual in a positive way). You’re not “there” but your mind/spirit (I hope not soul but perhaps more than I might think) soul(?) enter into the scene. satan is a spirit (once good, now forever fallen) so he operates in the realm of spiritual things. It makes sense that he would try to imitate the things of God (satan is not a creator, so is confined to the level of imitating). Stop ANY / ALL Addiction to films. – 3/28/21

“The Bible is the best of all books, for it is the word of God & teaches us the way to be happy in this world & in the next. Continue therefore to read it & to regulate your life by its precepts.”

– John Jay
A few days ago his opinion was valued. His word was final. His money was influential. His quotes were praised. None of the above should have been because he was a fake, a hypocrite – today he writhes in hell. “Bryan, of whom do you write?” I write of no man in particular but of *too many* in general. Too many leaders, preachers, speakers are selling for far more than they are worth. People did not pay enough attention to the “fruit” of their lives, the occasional foul word, the face which flared in carnal anger, the second look he took at a woman not his wife. Look to Jesus. Do NOT put men on pedestals. – 4/4/21  


The sun had heated the wrinkled skin

And precious warmth instilled within,

               With seemingly no outward result.

But inside the movement of sap

Permeated the cells (as roads a map)

               It was the renewed sunshine’s “fault.”

The sap came up from the deepest root

To the farthest, round, diminishing shoot,

               In action and time, like each spring.

Running by day, and stopping by night,

Then, again continuing its insistent flight,

               To the tune that the robins sing.

Then at last appeared the bud, deep red.

On the tree that last winter looked so dead;

               But now it stands, awake from its nap.

On upper branches the buds opened wide,

Revealing the tender green hid inside,

               Oh, the wonderful power of sap.       

– eab,  Apr. 1966 

Deception abounds today. satan deceived Eve in the Garden & he’s repeatedly used deception across  centuries but I doubt there’s been a age more deceived than ours. Is there hope to keep from being tricked? Yes, Praise God there is. Buy a Bible. Put yourself on a schedule to read from the Bible everyday. Have a pad (or computer file open) to write down ideas, note connections, ask questions. You eternal soul’s safety depends so much on YOU not being deceived. Get serious with God. – 4/5/21

“…so-called churches,

that have become training schools for the theatre…”

– M W Knapp

Joh 17.19

“And for their sakes I sanctify myself,

that they also might be sanctified through the truth.”

The marriage of one man to one wife, for life is God’s plan. (I’m sorry for former students/parishioners who suffered the disruption of marriage.) God – tongue in cheek – “walked Eve down the aisle to Adam.” Christ (absolutely no tongue-in-cheek) did His first miracle at a wedding, thus putting approval upon the union of man & woman. The Sanction of both the Father & the Son explains why satan has fought marriage. The devil has urged sex before marriage, he’s pushed sex with someone else while married, & he’s helped to break up couples. Recognize his sly ways & totally reject his voice. – 4/5/21 

“God be with you, my children; I have breakfasted with you

& I shall supper with my Lord Jesus Christ this night.”

– Robert Bruce (1554-1631) Presbyterian, Scotland

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