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Num 32.23 +

Num 32.23

“…Behold, ye have sinned against the LORD:

& be sure your sin will find you out.”

“None of the fathers of the church

made mention of original sin until Augustine came…”

– Martin Luther

Modernity is cursed with boys who are big but not grown-up; Girls who’ve matured physically but are immature in both soul & mind. And children who are not being taught, living with biological parents who don’t want to teach them. Christ could all the difference on all three levels. God Help Us. – 4/8/21

“…Seeing it[Gospel] is a kind of preaching which makes people angry especially the great & powerful & deep-learned…great courage is necessary & the Holy Ghost to those that intend to preach it.”

– Martin Luther

Your Birth – a man & woman cohabitated, God allowed conception,

Your choice – zero

Your Death – “…It is appointed unto men once to die…”(Heb 9.27),

Your choice – zero

In between Birth & Death you learn of your choice between Heaven or Hell

These is 100% your choice – 100%  – 4/9/21


Prophets of old weren’t known for their jokes;

Jokers were found on the stage.

Pastors and other ministerial folks,

Have changed this, in “modern” age.

Elijah was not joking when God’s fire fell,

Consuming fifty-one men.

Nor had he humor confronting the king,

Or other men in deep sin.

– eab,  4/10/07

Your dad, Mrs X, was a well-known preacher, a “household” name within his denomination. You chose to leave the narrow way. You wanted to dress mannish, wear hair shorter than natural, & yes, hang a little “silver/gold” on your body. Dad wouldn’t approve of your present appearance yet, sadly, you want to claim to love the same God dad did. Stop lying to yourself. Stop, I beg you, rejecting the way to heaven. Confess your sins – you can. Believe on Christ – you can. – 4/10/21  

Rom 6.22

“But now being made free from sin & become servants to God,

ye have your fruit unto holiness, and the end everlasting life.”

“He…sought & received the gift of sanctifying,

fear-dispelling, joy-bringing power…”

– M W Knapp

Freedom is precious. Many speak of freedom to work, live & worship as they wish. Thank God for such. – I mean Thank Him Right Now – you may live to see these lessen. (Fellow Christians in other lands have lost freedoms.) HOWEVER the greatest freedom is not above – the greatest freedom is to be Living Free From Sin. Many people are in hell who enjoyed physical freedom. No one is in hell (tho perhaps once slaves) who were FREE in Christ. – 4/10/21

“Sham revivals are insipid to the wicked, sickening to the saints,

disgusting to God, & delightful to no one but the devil.”

– M W Knapp

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