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DEU 6.4 +

Deu 6.4

“Hear, O Israel:

The LORD our God is one LORD”

“Man needs to be Saved from his own Wisdom as much as from his own Righteousness,

for they produce one and the same corruption.”

– Wm Law

If you were the devil would YOU leave the Bible alone? No, you wouldn’t. The Bible (if you were satan) would get under “your skin.” Its shining Truth would make lies appear as they really are – false. The worst tangible enemy of the devil is the Bible. It’s no accident that after decades of outlawing the Bible & trying to collect & burn It, satan’s men starting “helping” translate a “bible” to weaken Its eternal Truth. – 4/6/21

“Receive every day as a resurrection from death, as a new enjoyment of life.”

– Wm Law
It is a sad time when one or several people on the platform are pretending (trying to believe) they’re “happy” in the Lord & leading those in the congregation to likewise think that they’re minding God when both platform people & congregation are not obeying the Bible – nor do they intend to – it seems. – 4/11/21


Every man has a right to love

His native soil & rock,

Whether his love is county wide

Or confined to his city block.

Christ does not require to not love

The hills, valleys, & rivers He made

But being a member of His Kingdom

Puts “native” land in a slight shade.

Love of country, love of its way of life

Is a clear *second* to His Kingdom-men.

To keep your land, your homeland first,

Amounts to Jesus Christ, as a sin.

So love the brooks & fields as His

But love *more* The King & His Kingdom

Pray & work for it to increase.

Truly pray for His peaceful rule to come.

– eab,  4/13/18

You & I have a different understanding on the Bible – Do I still want YOU to go to heaven? Absolutely. I read the Bible everyday & have studied It for yrs. but that does not mean that I understand It perfectly. You may peruse It will equal zeal (or spend more time a week with It than I do). I want to love you above any differences. (And I want you to love me so we both can enjoy God’s presence together.) God the Father, as a Wonderful Parent, knows whose head it right & most importantly, whose heart is right. – 4/11/21

“Lord, if any of us must be killed or die today let it be me-let not one of these men die

for they are not happy; but I am & if i die today I shall go to heaven.”

– Billy Bray

Mat 3.2

“Repent ye:

for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.”

Some people are undisciplined “& right proud” of it. Others are Disciplined (with a capital ‘D’) &, truth be known, are proud of it. I’d rather you be disciplined as not, but pride is hateful to God. Don’t make discipline your “god” Always have to do a certain thing a certain way – Always have to be on time – Always have to dress in casual attire – you get the point. Let God be in charge of your pattern of doing, of timing, or appearance. If you’re really His child OBEY Him – not discipline. Amen? Ouch? – 4/12/21   

“Man was not created as the masses seem to think, to make money but to mind his Maker

& He alone knows just how much of this world’s goods is best for him.”

– M W Knapp

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