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Deu 6.5 +

Deu 6.5

“And thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thine heart

& with all thy soul & with all thy might.”

“Sanctification is like weeding the soil or gathering the tares & burning them, so that nothing remains to grow there but the good seed…Entire sanctification removes them – roots them out of the heart & leaves it a pure soil.
Bishop Hamline

“Numbers” have saved no one. Numbers have lured many into sin. satan didn’t create numbers (he created nothing) but he’s used “numbers” to damn untold 1000s. The desire to win (score higher) The desire to own more (love of money) The desire to climber higher, dive deeper, drive faster relate to “numbers” – 4/13/21

“Regeneration removes some sin or pollution &

entire sanctification removes the corruption which remains after regeneration.”

– Bishop Foster

There are 3 “kinds” of worship – all have their place. I hope they’re now in-place in your life: Individual worship, Family Altar, Church worship. Unless you’re single you need – if single you don’t need Family Altar but anytime you’re invited to be in the “circle” with a family, grab it – could be life changing. Thank God for these “levels” where we get to adore our Lord: Personally (& God is so very Personal), in the love of the immediate family (God’s basic unit) & in the company of Brothers & Sisters in Christ. – 4/15/21


If you someday don’t want to stumble,

And thereby take quite a tumble,

(And after that completely crumble)

Change now – become truly humble.

– eab,  4/17/10

The movie watching crowd sees (as I understand) an actor play character “x” in this film, a different character in that film & yet a different character in a 3rd. This could lead (IMO) to an easier acceptance of the heathen theory of re-incarnation. And if character “x” dies in film A but he’s seen later in film B it could lead non-Bible reading youth, to see death too lightly, even suicide too lightly. Friend if you’re a part of the movie watching crowd I’d invite you to leave it & never rejoin such a sad group. – 4/16/21

2Pe 2.1

“But there were false prophets also among the people,

even as there shall be false teachers among you…”

“Noah was a preacher of righteousness & until the time God withdrew His Spirit

& put Noah to ark-building he had preached the Word & the people scorned it.”

– George B Kulp

There’s *power* in Holy Ghost preaching! Some men (natural ability, acquired skills or practice) preach with passion though not living in line with Scripture. Holy Ghost preaching is more than passion – it has that, but also has a wonderful anointing of God’s Spirit. Please don’t follow, support, nor endorse mere passion. Our world needs men who preach with Holy Anointing. Ask God for them. – 4/18/21

“Bible…If it is false in one case, it is false in all;

if it is true in one case, it is true in all.”

– George B Kulp

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