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Deu 18.13 +

Deu 18.13

“Thou shalt be perfect with the LORD thy God.”

“The men of character of force & influence, are the men who put themselves on record. The man who has convictions & who is not afraid to announce them to the world & defend them is the man who has true stability.”
Samuel L Brengle

D & R (Divorce & Re-marriage) Your God-ordained wife/husband walked out months, even yrs ago. Your original theological position was “marriage is for life” & therefore allowed for no divorce & re-marriage. But the apartment/house has gotten so quiet, meals have become lonely & satan has said, “you don’t have to live this way – don’t be so old-fashioned.” I just prayed for someone that you’d remain strong. – 4/15/21

“…Consecration…Sanctification…there is as big a difference between the two as…between man’s work & God’s work—consecration…is simply man’s work & it is not enough to save the soul.”

Samuel L Brengle

“It’s too great a price to pay – to high to have to give up my drinking, womanizing, sports, & gambling.” Too much to pay for an ETERNITY of peace & joy? To much to pay to be with God in His pure heaven? Too much to pay to miss the flames of damnation without a drop of water, f-o-r-e-v-e-r?  Surely to think thus is to admit you don’t believe the Bible about either heaven OR hell. – 4/17/21 


He borrowed a burro,

Upon which He could ride.

As He’d borrowed a boat,

Edge of Galilee’s tide.

He borrowed an upper,

Big, Passover-time room.

Became the only “Man,”

Known to borrow a tomb.

Seems the Owner of earth

Hadn’t much worldly “worth.”

Yet He purchased us all

Back, from Eden-site’s fall.

– eab,  4/20/11 

Are you praying? Are you praying a Biblical prayer? The term “Pray Ye” is only found 6 times & 2 of those (Mat 9.38 & Luk 10.2) go on “…the Lord of the harvest…” to “send forth laborer’s into his harvest.” Please enlarge your prayer-life to include this. Seek God; ask God to increase the amount of laborers across the earth’s face. It is a Biblical way to pray. It is a good way to pray. – 4/18/21

Mat 9.38

“Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest,

that he will send forth laborers into his harvest.”

“When thou art of this mind, that Christ & the confidence of the Law may dwell together in thy heart…it is not Christ but the devil that dwells in thee, who under the mask & form of Christ terrifies thee.”

– Martin Luther

Heaven has no “escape” door. It does not need one. Everyone, & I mean E.v.e.r.y.o.n.e. will be joyful to be there. They fought the devil, resisted temptations, paid bills, made restitutions, asked apologies, prayed, read their Bibles, witnessed, in short, did all Jesus wanted them to do. No escape needed, Thank you. -4/20/21

“The law with its righteousness

is like a cloud without rain…”

– Martin Luther

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