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Deu 25.4 +

Deu 25.4

“Thou shalt not muzzle the ox when he treadeth out the corn.”

“…Nothing under the sun is more hurtful

than the doctrine of men’s tradition & works…”

– Martin Luther

Military 1. What Would Jesus Do? Would Jesus join the military? He did not; Nor did any of His disciples. They had more important things to do. He’d taught them to pray “Thy Kingdom Come…” His Kingdom is Eternal – all military stands are temporary. His Kingdom is to cover the wide world – no empire has (nor, IMO will). His Kingdom is Pure & Holy – military actions involve raping & killing, the destruction of bridges/roads & homes/businesses. Please ask yourself again “What. Would. Jesus. Do?” – 4/22/21

“…A perfect faith bringeth by-an-by a perfect contempt

& loathing of this present life.”

– Martin Luther
Military 2. Taking a stand against the military isn’t popular. Few pastors are being faithful to preach against it – and – as a result boys from good homes are joining. Some readers may have already bristled, “But my dad, my grandpa, my…” Some of the men in your family tree were drafted. Many of those men weren’t instructed how wrong it was to kill & military leaders want young minds who’ve not thought about death. (BTW I’ve had at least 7 family men who were in the military 3 who didn’t come home, or came in a box.) – 4/22/21


Today is a day to serve God by choice.           

To sing and shout and greatly rejoice,

Because today could be your last day

To serve God on earth.

Today is a day to give God your will.

To seek and to know; His mind to fulfill,

Because today could be your last day

Of this world’s birth.                                          

– eab, April  1984

Military 3. The military uses a “free” education to appeal to youth who think they need a worldly degree. The military makes use of parades with spit & shine, show of expensive equipment & marching bands. The military loves to show uniforms with bars & stars, with ribbons & braid. The parades & dress uniforms all appeal to pride. Jesus wants to remove ALL pride (including self-importance of military attire). Heaven will have no pride in it – military or otherwise. Repeat: What Would Jesus Do? – 4/22/21

The man that is satisfied with the world is without God. 

The man that has God doesn’t need the world.”

– Buddy Robinson

Luk 3.14

“…The soldiers likewise demanded of him, saying, And what shall we do? And he said unto them,

Do violence to no man, neither accuse any falsely & be content with your wages.”

Military 4. “Bryan, I don’t understand how you can write like this – Don’t you like USA?” It’s been my privilege to drive in 49 states. I’ve loved seeing the eastern, mid-west & far north scenes. I’ve enjoyed the southeast, mid-south, & the southwest. America has some b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l countryside. (I doubt many of you have exclaimed or enjoyed more the mountains, rivers, & cattle country she has more than I have.) I HAVE learned to separate love of Country from love of military. And I Love Christ’s Kingdom more. – 4/22/21

“You can’t draw on the bank

for what you used to have.”

– Buddy Robinson

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