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Deu 32.4 +

Deu 32.4

“He is the Rock, his work is perfect: for all his ways are judgment:

a God of truth & without iniquity, just & right is he.”

“He who will have, for his master & king, Jesus Christ, the son of the virgin, who took upon himself …our blood will have the devil for his enemy.”

– Martin Luther

The best men I’ve seen across many years couldn’t have told you who was *playing* next, where, or when. If your interest in sports is on the increase I beg you find a place to pray before you pillow your head tonight – you are in spiritual trouble. – 4/12/21

“Wihout God’s will & our own consent,

the evil cannot hurt us…”

– Martin Luther
Saints have been blessed by spiritual songs in which words exalt Christ. Backsliders imagine themselves “blessed” by songs which they connect with dad/mom & have imagined themselves “blessed” when the song had a lot of toe-tabbing music. O soul who’s living in secret sin, PLEASE don’t allow satan to use sentimental music to convince you that “all is well.” – 4/15/21


There is a pleasure in words well spoken

There is a pleasure in words well said

There is a pleasure in words well written

Though some may be over your head

There is a pleasure in words well sung

To music that has /your/ lilt

Like seeing a cottage in a pleasant setting

That’s beautifully well-built.

There is a pleasure in God’s Great Book

That’s unparalleled in any other.

There is a pleasure in the words & actions

Of an anointed, ministerial brother.

Enjoy and learn to enjoy such simple

Pleasures as God allows to your ears.

Oh, find pleasure as oft as the Lord has it.

Brother, that’s been often in my good years.

– eab,  4/25/18

There is not be one, hear it, not ONE soul in heaven who is unholy. They may have been a nice Guy, a nice Gal, May have been as friendly as anyone you know, May have been more active in the community than every other but if they die with an unholy heart they won’t go up. That’s a SAD truth for them. But – – – that’s a wonderful truth for the saints Above. The unholy – that is the carnal – will not corrupt heaven with their desire for unholy things, unholy words, unholy actions. 4/25/21

If a man is not a Christian in his buisness

 he is not a Christian anywhere.”

– George B Kulp

Luk 16.25

“But Abraham said, Son, remember that thou in thy lifetime receivedst thy good things

& likewise Lazarus evil things: but now he is comforted & thou art tormented.”

Person in hell will have memories. It’s very possible they’ll remember invitation songs of their youth, “Almost Persuaded” “Just As I Am” “Pass Me Not.” They will perhaps hear (as if on a recording) this sermon or that by a faithful evangelist or pastor. They’ll probably recall Dad/Mom’s prayers from the Family Altar. Such recollection will make hell a place more sad than ever. Please friend come back to the narrow way – Today. – 4/25/21

“We cannot please God & Egypt…You cannot be a christian

without offending the world. The world hates God.”

– George B Kulp

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