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Deu 33.27 +

Deu 33.27

“The eternal God is thy refuge &

underneath are the everlasting arms…”

“…Paul very well says ‘They deny the power of godliness’ He does not say they deny godliness but they deny the power, strength, & virtue…by false & superstitious doctrine.”

– Martin Luther

Please Sir, Please Ma’am quit arguing with God. He did not write the standards His Book to be hard of you. Or if you’re arguing about a personal conviction – He knows exactly the weights you need to drop from your life (or the weight here or there you need added to your life). Think seriously, think clearly & stop trying to bargain with Him. He will let you win (if you insist) for a little while but in the end HE WILL WIN. Please quit arguing with the Savior of your soul – He DOES know what is best. – 4/25/21

“It is a thing not to be believed

that St. Peter ever was at Rome…”

– Martin Luther
Worship the sun? How silly! There was a time there was no sun; it wasn’t created until Day 4 (after Light, Day, Night – Day 1, Firmament or Heaven – Day 2, Earth, Seas, Grass, Herbs, & Trees – Day 3). AND there comes a day the sun will be no longer needed (Rev 21.23). Be alert that you worship the sun neither in word, nor in thought or nor in deed. The worship of the “sun” is partially hidden – Beware. – 4/25/21


I dare you to go way out,

Be a nonconformist, without a doubt,

Meet the challenge; Think you can

Of being a twentieth century man?

Think and act for yourself.  Difficult?

You have tried the rest,

Now try the Living best.

I dare you.  Kick the cult.     

– eab,  Apr. ’69, HSBC  

The greatest family in the world is not (with respect) some blue-blood clan in the Americans or Europe. The greatest family is not some “royal” line of yore. The Greatest Family in the world (but not of this world) is the Family of God, His children. The only way you can be a part of the first 2 groups (above) is to be born into them. AND YES, the only way into God’s Family is to be born into it. By the sacrificial death of Christ we may, by faith, be born into the Greatest Family ever known to man! – 4/27/21    

“Feet that once carried me to the racecourse, dance, saloon, cardtable, theatre, the show, & everyplace of worldly amusement were now…ch.Sunday Sch. prayermeeting & the land of immortal day.”

– J B McBride

Luk 10.27

“…Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart & with all thy soul

& with all thy strength & with all thy mind; & thy neighbor as thyself.”

A false floor is hiding something. A false wall is hiding something. A false “bible” is hiding something. If you’re really “sold” on your less-than-complete “bible” allow me to encourage you to see what is beneath the floor/behind the wall – the thing that’s hidden may be the VERY FACT you need for the salvation of your soul. – 4/27/21

“David lived in a dispensation very inferior to ours. He lived under law;

we live under grace. He lived in t twilight, we live in t full-orbed sun…”

– J B McBride

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