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Jos 1.7 +

Jos 1.7

“…Be thou strong & very courageous…turn not from it to the right hand or to the left

that thou mayest prosper whithersoever thou goest.”

“…Is he a man of principle, who feels as jealous for the glory of God &

as burdened for the salvation for men off the platform as on it?”
Samuel Brengle

Worship God in private. Have no one there but you & the Lord. If you pray aloud, pray where nobody can hear you. Therefore your devotion & desires are known only to Him. How wonderful to be so intimate with the Creator of Heaven. No fellowship gets better than One-on-one when the One is the most important One imaginable(?) no, wrong word – the Triune God is far, FAR beyond our feeble imagination. Worship God in private. Daily. – 4/27/21

“Wherever I go I find backsliders – Methodist backsliders, Baptist backsliders, Salvationists backsliders…my heart aches as I think of the great army of discouraged souls of the way…the Holy Spirit has been grieved…”

Samuel Brengle

Worship God as a family: Dad, Mom, all children living under that roof, & if a parent/step-parent or other lives there, include them too. There is something special about Family Altar. Dad is the “pastor” of the family & leads. (We had a stage where we read the Bible around the circle – a nice memory.) You can (at times) allow/require all to pray, letting children pray in order (youngest first). Even if a child is not professing to love Jesus yet, he can express his thanks to God for “food, clothing, & shelter.” – 4/27/21

THE Being

There is only One – THE Being,

Forever in the sky,

Forever will He live,

Never will He die.

He’s made billions of beings,

Black and White and Brown;

Yet inside all are alike,

(Needing a smile, not a frown.)

OH – – – What a BEING!

– eab,  Apr. ’09

The one who owned more slaves than any other still owns the most slaves today. In fact, in 2021 he has more slaves than he’s ever had. This character even owns some of the readers (I’m afraid) of eab posts. His name? satan. Friend, if you don’t belong to Jesus, you – right this minute – belong to satan. Thank God you can change from serving the devil to serving Christ – please do so before you go to sleep tonight. – 4/28/21

Psa 119.11

“Thy word have I hid in mine heart,

that I might not sin against thee.”

“What think ye of Christ?…is the question that confronts

every man who has ever heard His name.”

– Carl McIntire

How much Scripture can you recite?  Can you give references (chapter/verse) for the Bible truths you know? (What have you memorized instead of hiding “Thy word…” in your heart?) If you want to memorize Scripture I’m sure God will be pleased & will (IMO) help you. Please put yourself onto the path of knowing more about God via His Word.

P.S. Your best Bible from which to memorize is WITHOUT DOUBT the Classic KJV. – 4/28/21

“Terminology.The modernists have attempted to steal it by reading their own meanings into all our historical Christian terminology”

– Carl McIntire

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