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Jos 24.15 +

Jos 24.15

“…As for me and my house,

we will serve the LORD.”

“Time does not and

cannot regenerate.”
Beverly Carradine

A false doctrine pervades the land. It’s most simple form is “Once saved, Always saved.” The term “once saved” is not in the Bible. Nor is the term “always saved” there. This “theology” – upon which far too many hang their hope – is foreign to Scripture. What’s its source? It’d be good to ask the propionates. I’ll venture a guess – some may use “My Father which gave them me, is greater than all; & no man is able to pluck them out of my Father’s hand”(Joh 10.29). Amen. This is so true. Read it again “…no MAN is able to pluck them…” no MAN can cause you to backslide, but you can “pluck” yourself from Him – 4/29/21

“Money rivals God.  Men turn away from Him that they may become rich

because they believe that money will do more for them than God ever can.”

Samuel               Chadwick

The Bible – Do you read a chapter a day, to keep the devil away? As a Believer you know you *should* read It but do you understand why? The Bible is chuck-full of History but that’s not the reason I urge It (It has valuable other Discipline information but those aren’t the point here.)  What friends may see as an almost foreboding, Big, Black Book is in reality the saint’s source of Food, of Instruction, of Light. Change your attitude from obligatory to Delight. Love the Book that shows you how to Love God & men. – 4/30/21


Where leads the road from commencement?

Ah, yes – where leads that road?

And what be its direction,

And, how heavy its load,

That load, on the road, from commencement.

– eab,   May  1968

The devil is the worst enemy of the Bible. (Those who serve satan are the worst VISUAL enemies – the closer they’re to him, the more intense their hatred for the Bible.) satan & crew despise Scriptures because Holy Writ exposes them & their wicked hearts/deeds. Yes, some may profess a respect for the Bible & use it in a ceremonial way, but love is not shown by words – love is shown by deeds. – 4/30/21

Rom 7.2

“For the woman which hath an husband is bound by the law to her husband so long as he liveth;

but if the husband be dead, she is loosed from the law of her husband.”

“He did not come to regulate sin

but to destroy it.”

Samuel               Chadwick

Some of you have no idea – I see a pic of the two of you & I wish I could be happy for you. I can’t. I know the one by your side is not your mate IN THE SITE OF GOD. “Oh, Bryan, you’re too hard on D & R (divorce & remarriage).” If I know my heart & if I read the Word correctly I stand with the Bible. I have no choice but to agree with Scripture (to the best of my ability). “But she slept around on me” or “He left me for a younger woman.” I’m sorry for the break-up of the 1st marriage. But this 2nd one is your fault – you did not HAVE to marry again & should not have while your first mate lived. – 4/30/21

“Since this life is a continual warfare, since we are at all times

surrounded by a host of enemies, let us vigorously oppose them…”

– Chrysostom

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