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1Sa 14.6 +

1Sa 14.6

“…There is no restraint to the Lord

to save by many or by few.”

“…Bundles of nonsensical & often ridiculous repetitions which at once

deprave & disgrace the church of Christ.”
– Adam Clarke

When a man’s known for standing with the Bible on issues “A” & “B” he doesn’t get calls to evangelize some places or invitations to pastor certain churches. They’ve been drifting (moving faster than a drift?) to the left. They do NOT want a man coming in offending older females or “confusing” younger females by preaching clear, Biblical message: woman are not to cut their hair & men are, That women should not dress like men (nor men dress like women), That saints actually are different from sinners – forever. – 5/3/21

“The husband should provide for his wife without encouraging profuseness, watch over her without giving her vexation; keep her in subjection without making her a slave.”

– Adam Clarke

You may have learned facts in grade school but many of us also learned a lie: “Sticks & stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” Received a call last night where words had hurt & are still hurting. Please be careful what you say. AND – – – if you’ve said that which hurt someone, be man enough, be woman enough, to call, text, write, or go in person & apologize. “I couldn’t have hurt – I’m a Christian” Yes even Believers can hurt with words. Ask for forgiveness & a promise to never say such again. – 5/6/21


Eternity is at the edge of day.

Think what you will,

It will not go away.

– eab,  5/6/09

As a christian man trying to keep a pure mind, I’ve many times put my hand up to block part of the computer screen so I could view an article without seeing the partial nudity advertisers purposely placed close to *demand* attention. I’ll still do that but now I’m putting my hand up to not see the “news” about alleged vaccinations, government virus & other propaganda being foisted off as “news.” Tired of all the falseness & hype. Tired of it.  5/6/21

Pro 4.23

“Keep thy heart with all diligence;

for out of it are the issues of life.”

“…We think we should insult both his holiness & His omniscience if we did not believe

that he could both forsee & foretell that Judas would be unfaitful without necessitating him to be so.”

John Fletcher

satan – who doesn’t want you to go to UP, has (along with his slaves – all sinners are slaves) invented hundreds of distractions to keep you from heaven. Not all distractions are drinking/smoking/sexual – some don’t appear exceedingly sinful but they KEEP you busy (think: hobbies, “innocent” activities, excessive travel, being a bookworm to fiction, only fiction, etc.). satan will want to keep you busy until you grow  older, live your last days & die UNPREPARED to meet God. Wake up, friend, Wake up. – 5/6/21

“…Ardent love cannot

but be zealously obedient.”

John Fletcher

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