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1Sa 2.3 +

1Sa 2.3

“Talk no more so exceeding proudly; let not arrogancy come out of your mouth:

for the LORD is a God of knowledge & by him actions are weighed.”

“The greatest trial of humility is a humble behavior

towards your equals in age estate & condition of life.”

– Wm Law

Sunday Sch. Superintendent, Youth Leader, Pastor – are you placing a woman up front (in a role of leadership) who should not be there? Did she leave her husband or have other signs of not being in submission to him? “Well, Bryan, her husband is Eccentric; with a capitol ‘E’” or “Her husband had become very hard to live with” or “Her husband was at times ‘off his rocker.’” Are these reasons why she should leave him? Aren’t these signs that she SHOULD be with him, being a help-meet to him? When youth figure out why she is not helping her husband, they’ll have reason to respect her less & may see the church as helping her in her lack of submission. Please pray about removing her. – 4/28/21 

“…We desire nothing more than that the glory of God may be advanced,

the benefit of Christ truly known, & the truth of the gospel purely taught.”

– Martin Luther
Please hear me. Ma’am, the easiest thing you can do to change your appearance is CUT YOUR HAIR. It is cheap. It takes almost no time. It takes no discipline. Cutting your hair will not make you a better you. It won’t make you smarter. It won’t make you a better child, wife, or parent. And, if you’ve not figured this out yet – – – hair grows back. Please stop this easy but nearly useless attempt to change you. Do something better, much better; Let Jesus Christ change you inside – he’ll do a beautiful “job.” – 5/4/21   


The mansion was tall and thick and wide

And built on a special secluded spot

When you walked inside the door

“What you see” was not “what you got.”

It was already well-know before they

Made it their high claim in youth

Adding to its spacious acreage

Adding to its established local truth

They enjoyed its singular setting

Maybe a bit more than they ought

Lived live there without questioning

The earthly joys they both highly sought.

Then one day, she silently slipped away

Away to a small plot on yonder hill.

He naturally returned back that night

But the mansion was so silent, so still.

He also passed in a couple of years

Was placed beside her grave over there

The house they’d love way too much

Stands cold, and quiet, and bare.

So sadly it was their only mansion

‘Cause they failed in their “getting” and mirth

To submit.  Christ promised a heavenly one

– After they left fading, fleeting earth.

– eab, 5/5/17  

God made you to be YOU. You are matchless. Do you have any idea how unique you are? No one in your County is just like you. No one in your Country is just like you. Nor anybody on your Continent! (Only the God of heaven & earth could do this – but He DID this.) God wants you to be holy (not carnal) but He wants you to be YOU, all you, & only you. Don’t disappoint Him. – 5/4/21

“He [God] cannot be seen by the eye but he may be perceived by the mind.

He is not palpable to the hand; but he may be felt by the soul.

– Adam Clarke

1Jo 2.15

“Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world.

If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.”

How much man-made entertainment do you “need”? A broadway musical here, county fair there, a professional ballgame now & then? Do you “need” a well-done drama, ice folly, a showy military parade, the latest sci-fi movie? Question – a Super Serious Question – how much of this showy glitter do you expect to be in heaven? [Don’t expect any carnality pleasing stuff – it won’t be there.]  If you’ll fall in love with Jesus & His Glory, you’ll “need” less & less glitz. – 5/4/21

“Were there no pride, there would be no sin; & the heart from which it is cast out

has the humility, meekness & gentleness of Christ implanted in its stead.”

– Adam Clarke

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