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1Sa 15.22 +

1Sa 15.22

“…Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice,

& to hearken than the fat of rams.”

“If Christ be not God, then neither the Father

nor the Holy Ghost is God…”

– Martin Luther

You have no reason to doubt anything, repeat Any Thing, in the Authorized Bible. If you’ve picked up a doubt, take it back. Go right back to where you acquired such a ridiculous & useless item, throw it down, & never ever pick it up again. satan & those who serve him want you to doubt, question, flat-out reject God’s Word. There is no reason why every part of the Bible is not true. Believe It to your eternal good. Doubt It to you damnation. – 5/4/21 

“God, in this world, has scarce the tenth part of the people;

the smallest number only will be saved.”

– Martin Luther
Enjoy Jesus. Be close & drawing closer (all the time) to Him. Enjoy His Person. Enjoy His (allow me to use the word) Personality. Read about Christ’s actions. Study His interactions. He was Master of every situation He faced – totally in charge. Neither devil nor men were able to detour or deter Him. Jesus Christ IS truly our Great Example. Imitate Him to the best of your ability. Today (every day). – 5/4/21


Let death come to my desires,

I could be SO mistaken.

Make my goals ones that really count,

When the final count is taken.

– eab, May 1994

If you are not a Christian, stop dating until you become one. If you are not sanctified, stop dating until you are “dead” to yourself & Fully Alive to Christ. You’ll make a much better husband or wife for your mate-to-be AND the possibilities of picking a holy person to marry goes up drastically. Get these in order for the Best Ordered Life: 1.) Being Saved 2.) Being Spirit Filled 3.) Being Married. – 5/8/21

“Every sanctified experience has a reverse gear in it.

– Earl Newton

Rev 5.9

“And they sung a new song…hast redeemed us to God by thy blood out of every

Kindred & Tongue & People & Nation” [capitals added]

Why should heaven not contain every tinge of skin we’ve seen while walking the earth? Why should heaven not have every texture of hair we’ve witnessed & experienced here? Then, why should a soul lose his native tongue as his foot lifts from the last life-ladder rung? It’s my opinion that heaven may well have EVERY language (ancient & modern) & that instead of one (boring?) tongue we may be able to understand every redeemed soul above & be understood by them. I think that would be Grand. – 5/9/21 

“The Bible nowhere tells us that a Jew will be the antichrist.”

– L L Pickett

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