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1Sa 15.23 +

1Sa 15.23

“For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft

& stubbornness is as iniquity & idolatry…”

“…The word Belial in the original

signifies ‘without yoke.’”
– John Fletcher

Just threw away an ad wanting me to pay $X.xx  a month just to have something to listen to. Imagine – paying money every month to have music or other “stuff” come to my ears. They don’t seem to understand – I (& you could / should) enjoy silence. Repeat, I ENJOY silence. I like it. And – – – you know what? Silence is free. – 5/6/21

“The most ingenious Calvinist that ever wrote against the free will

is, I think, Mr. Edwards, of New-England.”

– John Fletcher

Allow the Lord to squash, no – better word – totally eradicate any desire to be remembered as a hero: Not a hero to any political cause, Not a hero for some theological persuasion, Not even a hero on your family tree. Brothers/Sisters, die out to being heroic – live solely for God’s glory. Give your, Time, Talents, Twenties to God & let all, yes, ALL thoughts of “being known” perish. – 5/7/21


When the world’s on the inside

It tends to sneak to the outside:

It may be in our unguarded talk

It may be in a leftish-way we walk

It may be in how we wear our hair

Or make more of our body bare.

Worldliness decides the last place we go;

Worldliness drags the soul far below.

– eab, 5/8/21

Which do you tend to use say: “Holy Ghost” or “Holy Spirit”? I looked them up on a computer Bible program. You may find it interesting that Holy Ghost is found in 89 verses (all NT). Holy Spirit is found in only 7 verses (4 of which are in the NT). – 5/9/21

Luk 18:1

“And he spake a parable unto them to this end

that men ought always to pray & not to faint;”

“If you wish to know God, you must know his Word. If you wish to perceive his power, you must see how he works by his Word.”

– Charles Spurgeon

God would like you to talk to Him. The Lord would like you to LISTEN to Him. The word “communion” to some christians has to do with “plates” of bread & wine. That is limited. Even if it’s every week, it’s still weak. Christians may commune with God every day without the formality, bread & wine, without any others present. Talking to Jesus is communing with Jesus. It’s speaking to Him; hearing Him speak to you. Do the ritual if you like but please commune with God every day. Oh, yes, several times a day. – 5/10/21     

“If we want conversions, we must put more of God’s Word into our sermons.”

– Charles Spurgeon

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