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1Sa 15.23 +

1Sa 15.23

“For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft

& stubbornness is as iniquity & idolatry…”

“…The worldly minister [is] displeased to observe anything

that appears to reproach his own lukewarmness…”
– John Fletcher

The devil tends to be samish. He is a creature (strong, but still a creature) not a creator. The Almighty, by magnificent contrast, is the Author of Variety. His choices in color, dimensions, textures, durability, taste, strength (this list is limited by my ability to differentiate, not His ability to create) are endless. Open. Thine. Eyes. Enjoy the rest of Spring, the whole of Summer, the fall of Autumn & the wonder of Winter as you never could when living in sin. Enjoy Him -A-N-D- Enjoy all His creative splendors. – 5/10/21   

“To reject the Son of God manifested in the Spirit as worldly Christians…do is a crime of equal magnitude with that of the Jews who rejected Christ manifested in the flesh.”

– John Fletcher

Once we wore our best clothing to the house of God. Why have many changed? Why have Dads/Moms allowed “junior” to dress casual at church? Why have they allowed “sis” to dress-down at God’s house? There is a reason – there *has* to be a reason. I urge you to stand against this. Being casual in clothing makes it easier to be casual in conduct. Is this a purposeful “in-your-face” attitude toward the Lord? IMO it was started by some rebel. – 5/10/21


Someday death will thump on his door,

Someday there’ll be a slight tap on his heart,

The blood pressure will cease,

And life will depart.

As a man leaned when his mind was in place,

So will he fall, departing from this race.            

– eab,  May 2000

There is no question the Holy God of Heaven would like to (& will if you yield) lead you into true holiness. Nor, sadly is there is any question that satan, who fears true holiness, will not mind you being  lead into a modern church substitute for holiness which can make you think all is well, until you drop into hell. “HOW will I know the difference?” True holiness lines up 100% with the Word of God – false “holiness” will have areas of supposed agreement but will stop short of you getting rid of carnality. – 5/11/21

1Jo 4.1

“…Believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God:

because many false prophets are gone out into the world.”

“No man’s desire for heaven

is any greater than his desire for holiness.”

– R G Flexon

Some churches have a “congregation” within the “congregation” or God’s Congregation within the worldly group. If you’re able to identify a saintly lady here, a holy man there, within your group move close to them; try to sit near, be near, get included in their prayers. If you don’t sense such people you may have reason to change churches – unless, hear it, unless *you* are willing to die-out to your carnal ambitions & BECOME that saint for which someone else is looking. Draw Nigh To God. – 5/12/21   

“Take time to be holy – you have to make time today.”

– Dempsy Fossit

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