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1Sa 30.6 +

1Sa 30.6

“David encouraged himself in the LORD his God.”

“Here on earth we must seek for no honor, for it is written: Woe unto you when men bless you.

We belong not to this life but to another far better…”

– Martin Luther

God comes into Church Services, into Family Altars, into private Prayer Closets, when He is welcomed. Invite Him. Invite Him with more than mere words – let your actions & attitudes show the Lord is soooo very welcome. Do what you can, do ALL you can, to clear the air, to lay the ground work, that the Almighty may visit you. – 5/13/21

“I would not have preachers in their sermons use Heb. Gr… in church

we ought to speak as we use to do at home, the plain mother tongue.”

– Martin Luther
The very best instruction is One on one – God, the Father, teaching you. This is Home Schooling at its Best. God is teaching you *now* in your home, so He can *someday* take you to live in His Home. A teacher should be smarter than his student in a particular subject area. God is ALL Wise. He is more intellectual than man is, He is MOST intelligent in everything. Enjoy, Beg for God to teach you, TODAY. – 5/15/21    


Little squirrel with bushy tail

From tree to tree I see you sail

Never once to see you fail,

               The air to slice.

Wish I could learn to fly,

Against the vaulted, azure sky.

What a thrill, O me, O my –

               It must be nice.

– eab, May 1966

We’re in a conflict; several conflicts on various vistas. One I never expected to see is the battle for our boys to grow to be men. Parents are fighting against clothing manufactures, media, & the wicked worlds of hollywood & disney. What do you have fighting with you? The Bible, common sense, & here & there a sensible church which still holds the line between the sexes. Please Dad, be strong. Please Mom, be strong. There are certain clothes, colors, & hair styles which tend toward being feminine – AVOID them. 5/17/21

“Act out your faith, regardless of your feelings, & a heaven of love & joy & peace & patience will soon fill your poor heart…only don’t bother yourself about your feelings.

– Samuel Brengle

1Th 5.22

“Abstain from all appearance of evil.”

I hope you are becoming alarmed at how entertainment has invaded God’s House. Christ was concerned about His Father’s House; we should be too. He wanted it to be a House for Prayers – too many a modern “church” is a house of Players. Playing is fun. Praying is Work. Playing makes us feel good. Praying (if honest) can make us feel badly. – 5/19/21 

“The soul finds its perfect balance in God…It no longer has to be braced up by vows & pledges

& resolutions but moves forward naturally, with quietness & assurance.

– Samuel Brengle

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