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2Sa 12.23 +

2Sa 12.23

“…I shall go to him, but

he shall not return to me.”

“An image defies

the omnipresence of God.”
– Paul Pierpoint

No one, & I mean NO ONE, in their right mind, wants to go to hell. But sadly, too many, far, FAR too many – who think they’re in their “right mind,” see themselves as too smart to believe in the “myth” of heaven (their word, perhaps, definitely NOT mine). They may even envision themselves as “Thinkers” & have no desire to go to heaven. God will, sadly for them, someday allow them their desire. – 5/14/21 

“Partial obedience is really

no obedience.”

– Paul Pierpoint

Brother, want God to move in your little chapel? Make an agreement with a couple other men who love God to meet in person 1.) at the church, 2.) at the home of one who lives most central or, 3.) some other spot once a week. If you can’t meet at a specified place for prayer, you might pick a time of day & a day of the week to “meet at the throne” (though not in person). Agree to pray an hour or 2 & keep on seeking God’s face until He moves in the services at your house of worship. Heaven awaits your call. – 5/19/21

Splits? – None!

Like a face covered with zits

The modern church has had splits

(Sad result of carnal fits!)

Dividing it into bits.

The TRUE church is always one

Redeemed by God’s only Son.

Whose past work was/is still done

Number of splits?  Zero.  None.

– eab, 5/22/09

If you’re asked a preacher to do your wedding whose wife (& still at home daughters) always appear in public in modest apparel you owe it to him to see a pic of your wedding dress. Please don’t come down the aisle in a low neck or backless or no shoulders gown. It is not fair to him. Similarly if you’re asking to have your ceremony in a congregation which respects modesty, please, PLEASE show respect to that congregation. If you’re not willing to be modest, change to another location. – 5/21/21

Joh 1.11

“He came unto his own,

& his own received him not.”

“A sinning man will stop praying

& a praying man will stop sinning.”

– Leonard Ravenhill

Heaven sends rain – a dry earth gladly Receives rain. 

Heaven sends snow – a parched earth gladly Receives snow.

But when Heaven sent Christ (Wonderful Savior, Whom we needed so badly) – earth Rejected Christ;

Rejected Him so much it crucified Him. – 5/22/21 

“A man freed, fired, & filled with God will be branded unpatriotic because he speaks against his nation’s sins;

unkind because his tongue is a two-edged sword;

unbalanced because the weight of preaching opinion is against him.”

– Leonard Ravenhill

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