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2Sa 22.30 +

2 Sa 22.30

“For by thee I have run through a troop:

 by my God have I leaped over a wall.”

“…Get rid of the idea that faith is a matter of spiritual heroism…There are heroes of faith but faith is not for heroes.  It is a matter of spiritual manhood.”

– P T Forsyth

When is the last time you thanked God for running water? Never have? Do it today. If you can “turn a tap” & have cold or hot (or mixed) water you are rich compared to many peoples of the world. Please sir, Please ma’am, do not be so crass as to not thank the Lord for water-on-demand at your dwelling. I do not wish you to ever be without such but IF THAT DAY should come, I could wish that you could look back with joy that you were grateful when you had this very convenient convenience. – 5/6/21

“The man who is intimate with God

is never intimidated by man.”

– Leonard Ravenhill
There are men being “used” (supposedly in God’s Kingdom) who are “yet carnal”(1Co 3.3). Sadly those bringing them in to speak lack the Holy Ghost & therefore fail to see glaring shallowness. Many a “revival” is 1.) Only a series of meetings, 2.) Only a time of increased fellowship for pastor & evangelist, 3.) Only the filling of a calendar slot, with not 1 new soul added to Heaven. Have we forgotten Prayer? – 5/19/21 


Thou art higher than anything men call God

Whether in, or under, or over the sod.

Thou art mightier, mightier by far.

Why worship then the sun, moon, or small star?

Thou hast all wisdom.  All wise art Thou.

How ignorant to bow before cicada, crow, or cow.

There is no attribute which man can name

But what You surpass the zenith of the same.

Yet sin in blindness, has led men to stoop,

And acclaim worship to the chicken or the “coop.”

– eab, May  2007

Some men have built a Social Gathering Place (hesitate to call everything a “church” which’s labeled a church) on similar principle that others build a business: 1.) Friendliness, 2.) Personality (maybe some entertainment thrown in) & 3.) Service. (They could’ve been equally successful in a business.) The House of God needs MORE. It needs the presence of God, if it’s to draw men to God. This is so lacking. – 5/21/21  

“…The devil, when he preaches Christ in his ministers,

intends to destroy Christ…

– Martin Luther

Joh 1.1

“In the beginning was the Word & the Word was with God

& the Word was God.”

Don’t store many numbers in your head. You can look them up or figure them out if/when you need to. Instead use your fantastic Brain Power to memorize WORDS – not just any words but Words from the most important Book in the world. All words are more important than numbers, but the Words of God are the *most important* of ALL important words. – 5/22/21

“St. Paul, himself a widower,

enjoins bishops to marry…

– Martin Luther

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