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2Sa 22.33 +

2 Sa 22. 33

“God is my strength & power:

& he maketh my way perfect.”

“The professional ‘show’ business started in ancient Greece

So foul & defiling to society did they become that at one time they were outlawed in Athens.”

– Paul Rees

One of the greatest things we can possibly do for a daughter is raise her to be a lady. Teach her how to talk like a lady, walk like one, sit like a lady. Teach her to appreciate feminine clothing, feminine ways of doing things, how to appreciate ALL THINGS feminine. She, as a true champion of the Lady World, will attract (in purity & in God’s time) a man who is ALL man & who loves her to the height of her being a Lady & yes, a Lady from birth as you trained her to be. – 5/17/21  

“The more joy you have in the Lord the less entertainment you need.

Entertainment is the devil’s substitute for joy.”

– Leonard Ravenhill
Jesus never said it; nor did Paul, Peter or other NT pen men. So – – – where did you get it? From where did you pick-up this expression? What expression?” “I’m proud that…” or “You make me proud.” Please Christian Sir, Please Christian Lady, STOP saying “I’m proud.” You got that term from the world. Christ died that we not be proud. – 5/24/21  


I’m glad you married & had a son,

You thot that a family, when ‘twas barely one.

But how could you know – since it was all you knew

A single son & one wife – just the three of you.

Some larger familied Mom & Dad

Could’ve equally disparaged  the four we had.

(God had blessed them with eight or ten

girls to turn into ladies; lads to change to men.)

Families come in sizes & shapes galore;

God’s custom units, spread from hill to shore.

– eab, 5/24/21

Apologists want to convert you to their philosophical/theological “club.” Theirs is a head conversion.

Christians strive to convert you to Jesus Christ – that He be born anew in your heart. There is a huge difference. At the great Judgment Bar of God only changed Hearts will be admitted to heaven. – 5/25/21

“Anything that a change of date will alter

 is not truth.

– Buddy  Robinson

Rom 10.10

“For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness;

& with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.”

Be fair to your readers – if you quote from any version of the Bible other than the Authorized Version you must (after giving the supposed words) show the version you used: NKJV, NIV, ESV etc. There are those (sadly) who do not know their Bibles well enough to realize that you’re quoting from a lesser “Bible.” Please be fair to your readers. BETTER YET, start using the AV (aka KJV) yourself & that way you are being *fair to yourself* as well. – 5/25/21

“When a man does not want holiness

I know he wants sin.

– C W Ruth

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