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Neh 8.8 +

Neh 8.8

“So they read in the book in the law of God distinctly & gave the sense

& caused them to understand the reading.”

“The world’s greatest need is preaching preachers.

The Gospel is our emancipation proclamation:

let’s take it to the slaves of sin.”

– Lester Roloff

Has your Bible knowledge increased in the last 6 months?  Have you prayed more in the last month? Are you less interested in the *toys of society & more interested in the *Joys of heaven than you used to be? I agree fully with you having some extra beans & rice stored (hard times may come, yes, even to you) but being spiritually growing will be better than having a pantry or get-a-way. Make everything right with everybody, ask God to increase your Love toward Him & others. – 6/27/21

 “Churches become poor if they become rich

& care not for the poor.”

– Lester Roloff
The best thing you can do in life is live for Jesus. Let Him enter & fully fill your everyday in every way. He may lead you to stop professional fishing & fish for men (Mat 4.19). He may direct you to stop seeking gold & seek God’s Kingdom (Mat 6.33). Or He may leave you netting & panning but doing it in a way that sinners & saints around you knows your REAL job is showing Christ to a sick & dying world. – 6/28/21


Seven, the perfect number,

A year; from June to June.

Yes, seven years together,

They have passed so soon;

Our time of wedded life,

My time with a good wife.

The seven years were perfect?

No, not in every part;

I’ve attempted to correct, 

I appreciate a forgiving heart.

God bless you, my wife,

For the best years of my life.

Happy Anniversary Dear

On this our perfect year!

– eab,  June 1968

God spoke things into existence. He made us in His image i.e. He allowed us (even if still unredeemed) to speak things also. The most important institution on earth is spoken into existence with these words, “I now pronounce you Man & Wife.” – 6/29/21 

“…Wait on God in patient, unwavering, heart-searching faith till He come & fills you with the Almighty power of the Holy Ghost…& wisdom & might…yet strips you of all pride & leads you to give all the glory to your Lord.

– Samuel Brengle

Gen 1.3

“And God said, Let there be light

& there was light.”

There’s a danger that you & I will put in 2nd place in our lives that which (if it should be there at all) should be 4th or 5th. Of course the greatest danger is that we will not place And. Keep. In. Place. God in the Number One spot. Friend, do you need to rearrange the priorities of you life?  If you do, today is the perfect day. Now is the perfect hour. God will help you but you need to start. Blessings as you sort. – 6/29/21

“Don’t merely keep on seeking it, else you will get into darkness,

but go to thanking God for it, & testifying of it to others.”

– Samuel Brengle

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Neh 6.3 +

Neh 6.3

“…I am doing a great work,

so that I cannot come down…”

“If you don’t have a hungering for holiness

you have reason to question your relationship with God.”

V O Agan

Your pastor or an evangelist you heard, preached against divorce & remarriage. You’re having a hard time liking him because your son is married to his second living wife (or daughter, a second living husband) & you want your child to be “happy.” If you’ll talk to this man, he probably wants them to be happy too. The difference is, you’re seeing a few yrs of earth BUT he’s seeing Eternity. That’s where real joy is. Please stop being so short-sighted, both for your sake & your child’s. – 6/28/21

“This spirit of forgiveness must work easily readily & without effort

no matter what the offense may be nor how often it has been committed.”
– T M

Have extra dried beans, rice, other stored. Have a heat source if/when the electricity goes away. Get out of debt. Have extra shoes, clothing, coats in case such get hard to buy. Learn what “weeds” to eat. Raise a garden, maybe some chickens. Learn how to can or dry some of it. Save some nickels. Try to avoid a dependency on drugs. Insulate attic/walls, have thermopane windows. Stop believing the “news” – Start believing the Bible. Above all the above, get right with God. Love Him with all your heart. TODAY! – 6/28/21


Horizons we see but cannot meet,

Arrive where they were, they aren’t at your feet.

Horizons so far, so distant, so grand,

We never quite meet one, try as hard as we can,

Run ever so fast, climb ever so high,

Horizons tease onward, where mountain meets sky.

The horizon I speak of, of course is the one

Where geographic forms collide with the sun,

When the day star slips behind mineral and bark,

Its swift run, won, and leaves us in dark.

But another horizon exists and calls,

Where the laborious wave decidedly falls,

On the water-worn land of a battered old beach,

Where quartz and univalves mutually bleach.

The man who wanders there is pleased to have found,

An horizon he conquers; where sea meets the ground.

Where the Main laps or lunges at his feet in the sand,

And challenges ever the presence of land.

The horizon here found is attainable, close;

Not an illusion – a tangible coast.

A goal that is reached, a boundary that’s set;

This dry solid earth, this mysterious wet.

And man’s spirit here feels so light and so free,

At the very boundary, The boundary of earth and sea.

– eab,  June 1976 

“Science” is a god to many moderns. It has purposely set itself up in opposition to the Bible. “Science”  has been a required subject in state schools. The Bible has not only NOT been a required subject – in fact, It is not wanted in state schools. (“Wonder why that is?” Sarcasm.) If “science” says “x” please be Bible-student enough to check & see if the Bible teaches an opposite. The Bible’s not wanted for a reason. – 6/28/21

1Co 13.11

“When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child:

but when I became a man, I put away childish things.”

“You are not going to be lost when you get to hell. If you are without Christ, you are lost right now. Your trial is already over. You’ve already been sentenced. You’re just waiting for execution morning to roll around.”

– Lester Roloff

Children dress up & pretend they are something they’re not. As adults we look on with a degree of tolerance – after all they’re kids. But why have we accepted full-size people (I hesitate to say “adults”) dressing up in outlandish clothing & pretending to be this or that? What’s happened to our metal processes that we actually pay & go watch such falseness (false hair, false clothing, false lives) & not only pay but pay enough that such fakery can live on it & have no real job? What shallowness pervades & perverts our values. Christians please stop supporting hollywood & all that looks/stinks like it. – 6/28/21

“The only way to build a Bible church, is to preach out of the Bible,

teach out of the Bible, read out of the Bible.”

– Lester Roloff

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Ezra 7.10 +

Ezra 7.10

“For Ezra had prepared his heart to seek the law of the LORD

& to do it & to teach in Israel statutes & judgments.”

“If the cleansed man is a superior, it makes him patient & considerate;

if a subordinate, willing & obedient.”

Samuel L Brengle

Do you read your Bible? “Of course, Bryan, I’m a christian.” Do you believe what you read? How literally do you accept The Word? As you read are you remembering this is not just a Word but is The Word of God. If you do not take the Bible literally, it does you little good to read it. Reading without believing (i.e. accepting) might be compared to walking past a buffet, looking at the offered food, even catching a whiff of it but refusing to partake. Read & HEED the Word of God. – 6/22/21

“Our health & strength, our time & talents, our money & influence, our body, mind & spirit, all, are His, to be used for His glory as fully as the fondest bride would use her all in the interest of her husband.”
Samuel L Brengle

Parents who raised their son/daughter in a Bible-believing church are disappointed when they stop attending. Then, due to some circumstance, they may start going – but it is to a “preacher’s wife dresses as she pleases”-“music is contemporary”- & “everyone goes out to eat on the Lord’s day” kind-o-place. It’s better to not go to church, as to attend a place where they think they’re OK but are being deceived. -6/24/21


God did not implant within the plant, what we call “free will.”

He gave more choice to animals but no free will still.

Nor does the Sea, or Stone, or Storm

Have a will about its form.

Only in lowly man (young, middle or aged) was it norm.

Therefore He controls all above

Except His crowning creation man.

Help us Lord submit our will,

Now, and always to your plan.

– eab,  6/25/13

You have 24 hrs to live today – how are you going to use them?  satan would like for you to think these hours are cheap & get you to waste them. God wants you to realize these 24 time-units are of great value & He desires that you properly use them. Who, Friend, will be the most pleased when this time tomorrow “stops” the clock? – 6/25/21

Pro 16.18

“Pride goeth before destruction,

& an haughty spirit before a fall.”

“How many pastors, preachers, authors, & Christian Leaders have phony doctorates in front of their names. They would never been tempted by such vanity had they kept an eternal perspective.”

– Dave Hunt

When a woman (such would not be a lady) *purposely stands so the outline of her bust is prominent she, with little doubt, has a carnal heart. When a man wears his shirt sleeves so they show-off his biceps, he very likely has carnality in his heart. Far too many religious folks have over-weight bodies (I doubt this pleases Jesus) but too many who have “nice bodies” are proud, & I know this displeases Him. – 6/26/21  

“Why should I speak of physics ethics or logic?All that human tongue can say is in Holy Scripture.

Its authority is greater than the power of the whole human spirit.”

– Adrian (Hadrian) of Corneto

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2Ch 29.11 +

2Ch 29.11

“My sons, be not now negligent: for the LORD hath chosen you

to stand before him, to serve him…”

“He has allowed me to be perplexed & tempted but it has been for my good…

Sometimes it has seemed that He had left me alone but…He has not suffered me to fall.”

Samuel L Brengle

Preacher. When you’re gone (moved on or died) do you want a congregation to remember “Bro Jones /Smith /Brown used to say…” or, OR do you want them to remember Scripture (verses or sections) you emphasized? I know its nice to be remembered but in the long run – and that, Friend, is what getting to heaven is about – it’s better that we leave behind a love for the Bible, than so cute sayings. – 6/19/21   

“You need not fear that the experience will wear out or grow tame. God is infinite & your little mind & heart cannot exhaust the wonders of His wisdom & goodness & grace & glory…”
Samuel L Brengle

We understand (or think we do) the contrast between Light & dark, between Up & down, between Right & wrong. Too few of us have opposed the onslaught of *images.* There’s not only contrasts above but there is a big contrast between Word & image. Believe the Word of God – reject images. God is the Word & He uses the Word. Images are unreal & satan uses them to fascinate & enslave men. Too many “Christian” men use images. Too few men are lovingly, daily feeding on the Eternal Word. – 6/22/21 


Saints have the Wonderful Hope

Of seeing saintly friends on Heaven’s shore.  

Saints also know unrepentant persecutors

Will after death, torment them no more.

– 6/24/21

Are you reading your Bible? Are you reading It with BOTH eyes open? A good way to pray as you open the Eternal Book to read, is to ask “Lord, what would You have me see today?” Then read insisting that your “mind” stay with you & not wander off to “fix the fence on the back 40” or “bake the yellow cake for the strawberries.” Read with all of you. Underline. Make notes. Link verse “x” with verse “xx.” Have a note book handy & write down what you’re likely to not remember. – 6/24/21 

Rev 20.4

“And I saw thrones & they sat upon them & judgment was given unto them:

& I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus & for the word of God…”

“Augustine supported military force against those who were re-baptized…”

– Dave Hunt

Can you “see” a barn with cows in a pasture & a crop field beyond? If 100 READERS, were to type what they saw there’d be 100 different pics. The barn could be red or white or that never painted weathered gray or… The cows could be Holstein or Guernsey or Jersey or Angus or… The pasture could be flat or rolling or hilly or…The crop could be corn or wheat or oats or timothy or… But, hear me, but if a painter painted the leading sentence, we’d all see the same scene. Pics tend to make us think alike – words allow for 100s of different word-pics as suite our roots/background. God is so wise to place His Book in Words. – 6/24/21    

“Atheists cling to evolution as an escape from accountability to God.”

– Dave Hunt

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2Ch 20.20 +

2Ch 20.20

“…Believe in the LORD your God, so shall ye be established;

believe his prophets, so shall ye prosper.”

“Who is it that loves God & does not wish

to love Him with all the heart?”

– V O Agan

What are you memorizing? A Psalm, verse/verses from a Gospel, a portion of the Love Chapter, a list from Revelation? There is a discipline – a good discipline – in memorizing Scripture. It’s good for your mind & even better for your soul. “But, Bryan, it’s hard to memorize.” Do you know your birth date? Anniversary? Social number? You probably know other facts. Why? You thought them important. Now step up to *hiding God’s Word in your heart.* You can do more than you think. – 6/19/21

“God…cannot & will not save any man against his will

but He will convict a man of sin against his will.”
– T M

Scripture or “science.” Reject word “universe;” it has no Bible roots – God never inspired it. Scripture

1.) has “the heaven and the earth” in 4 vv,    2.) has “heaven and earth” in at least 31 vv,

3.) has “heavenS” & “earth” in 60 vv,   &    4.) has the 2 words “heaven” “earth” in at least 156 vv.

Why have Christians borrowed “universe” & ignored the Biblical terms for what is About us & Above us? – 6/19/21


God is God & has been

Since the world got its start.

He will be God after heaven

And all earth depart.

God is God in the fleeting moment,

We whimsically call “now,”

From the sea’s lonely shore

To the mountain’s mighty brow.

Let such limitlessness, agelessness

Give you an exceeding calm.

Rest, Child, in the hollow of

His lovingly immense palm.

– eab,  6/22/17 

Pastor, school leader, camp president, conference head – who do you want in your (it really should be “God’s” not “your”) pulpit? Do you pray (& fast, if/when God directs) who should speak? Do you want the most holy man you know? Or, hear it, Or do you seek out the man who appears to be holy but you can trust him to not preach 1.) against divorce & remarriage 2.) against attending professional ball games 3.) against watching hollywood/disney movies 4.) against women trimming their hair? Do you? – 6/22/21

Tit 3.5

“Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us,

by the washing of regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Ghost;”

“You can never judge a man’s experience either by the position he holds

or the esteem in which he is held by others.”

– H A Baldwin

We’ve come to expect “entertainment” at youth camps. (I speak not against a pick-up softball or volleyball game.) We should Not bringing in those who will Act to entertain, Not bring those who use Puppets or Marionettes, Not bring in those who have a string of jokes they tell between songs. “Bryan, you’re too hard on world-style entertainment.” I doubt that. Our youth need to see the Holy Ghost. He – blessed be His name – needs no puppets nor jokes. When He settles in youth have a camp they won’t soon forget. – 6/22/21

“No matter how strong[ly] you believe a lie

it will not save you.”

– Charles Bennington

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2Ch 16.9 +

2Ch 16.9

“For the eyes of the LORD run to & fro throughout the whole earth

to show himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him.”

“There is always in it [act of sin] an attitude of defiance &

rejection of authority & the decision to go ‘one’s own way…’”

– L D Wilcox

God is totally Un-created. satan was created, therefore had a beginning (God in glorious contrast had no beginning). God is Un-limited except where He has chosen (purely His choice – no other “will” involved) to limit Himself. God is Un-ignorant of anything. Satan is ignorant in areas. God creates as He pleases but satan has no ability to create good – all the devil “makes” is havoc. – June 2021

 “…One thing tht [sic] will mark Christian perfection…

will be a willingness & readiness to apologize…”

– L D Wilcox
You lost a loved-one (family or close friend). You naturally want to hope they’re in heaven & they may be – we serve a merciful God. But allow caution about strong statements of them “with Jesus” “walking streets of gold” or saying that “they’re no longer in pain.” On one side your meant-to-be-comforting-words mean nothing to the deceased – they were already Way Up or way down before you spoke. On the other side your child/other youth who had an idea *how* they lived could be mislead into accepting a cheaper religion because you said the dead was above. Be careful. – 6/17/21

limited gold

The man too concerned with profit, will never a prophet be.

The man who’s a true prophet, likely will no profit see.

He sees such value in the truths of the God of heaven

He can’t get excited about limited gold & earthy “leaven.”

– eab,  6/19/13

Three ways with women’s hair:

1.) Most expensive – whatever the present society allows/dictates. Includes cutting (to the point of shaving the head), curling, coloring. Varies from locale to locale & decade to decade. Very real. 

2.) Moderately expensive – whatever the Backslidden Church allows/dictates. Includes cutting (to point of shaving the head), curling, coloring. These are generally not as extreme as the society (worldly “churches” follow the world but tend to be a few yrs. behind.) Varies from church to church etc. 

3.) Least expensive – God allows you to have natural-length hair – therefore no barber fees. God also allows natural texture – therefore no “permanent” hairdresser fees. And God made provision for the removal of pride – therefore there are no fees for coloring it (& coloring, & re-coloring) so you look “younger.” Sainted ladies have a freedom sinner woman do not dream of having. June 2021

“To keep the blessing [pure heart] we must give all diligent attention to the Bible.

The soul needs the food of truth…

– Samuel Brengle

1Co 11.15

“But if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her:

for her hair is given her for a covering.”

Scripture or “science”  The term “her light” is found in Isa 13.10, Eze 32.7, Mat 24.29, Mar 13.24, Rev 21.11, the first 4 of which are about the moon. Yes, the moon has HER OWN LIGHT. Little man theorized she’s merely reflecting light from the sun (this adds to sun-worship) & we – though we claim to believe God’s Word “from cover-to-cover” – swallowed “science” not God’s Accurate Book. Of course, Genesis agrees, saying, “…The lesser Light to rule the night…”(1.16). – 6/19/21

“Jesus said, ‘I & My Father are one’(John x. 30) & it is His loving purpose

that you & I shall be able to say that too…”

– Samuel Brengle

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1Ch 16.22 +

1Ch 16.22

“Touch not mine anointed

& do my prophets no harm.”

“We get in trouble when we do not take the Bible

[for] what it says…”

– G R French, 6/3/01

Literature is my college major. Biblical Literature is my (60 hr.) Masters “major.” Thus from a literature liking English h.s. teacher (Miss Reiss) through a BA, MA, & since into both preaching & teaching fields I’ve been exposed to many books of literary value: American, English, World. The greatest Book in any language, on any continent is the Bible. The greatest Book in English is the King James Bible. (When a man tries to question this, he’s showing his limitation &/or perhaps how prejudice he is.) – 6/10/21

“Catholics & atheists both have a problem

more argument will not fix.”
– Jeremy Fuller

Are you walking in your Light? – the Truth God has shed on your pathway? Or that which He will require of you to enter His Holy Heaven? Yes, there is a Sterling Standard of Scripture for us all but many times God places His hand on “x” or “y” & asks you to do more *this or to NOT do *that – this is YOUR Light. So – – – are you, Friend, walking in *your* Light. Your Father knows what’s best! Listen. – 6/14/21


When the spirit (life itself) departs

The body & soul parts.

It was the “glue”

That held the two. 

– eab,  6/18/18

When you figure out that someone wants you to pay attention to what they’re doing – Don’t.

When he/she thinks their wild clothing should demand your attention – Look the opposite way.

When gal/guy with pink, purple, or green hair is “crying out” for you to stare – stare otherwise. – 6/17/21

Jam 4.6

“…Wherefore he saith, God resisteth the proud

but giveth grace unto the humble.”

“If you wish to know his purpose before it comes to pass,

you can only discover it by his Word.”

– Charles Spurgeon

Six yrs ago this very evening (June 17) was my FFSF (free from science-fiction) day. I’d never believed evilution , I’d not accepted one of the major “news stories,” but this night in June (2015) I was set from “sci-fi” in a major way. Let me encourage you STOP accepting mere pronouncements, mere pics, mere CGI (computer Generated Images). Begin to reject sci-fi. Begin to see that Scripture does not support much which modern “science” spews as true. I’m grateful for 6/17/2015. Thank You, Jesus. – 6/17/21

“You cannot antagonize &

 influence at the same time.”

– John Knox

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1Ch 16.11 +

1Ch 16.11

“Seek the LORD & his strength

seek his face continually.”

“…Perfect love excluding hatred, perfect faith excluding unbelief, perfect humility excluding pride,

perfect meekness excluding anger, perfect patience excluding impatience…”

– J A Wood

Your son’s hair is longer than Dad’s. Why? Your daughter’s skirt is shorter than Mom’s. Why? “I hadn’t noticed.” If this is mere oversight, it’s easy to correct (every home makes mistakes). But if the longness of hair or shortness of skirt are purposely allowed, there is probably a sin problem: child’s, parent’s, Both. Some have allowed “junior” to play in sports they could not or allowed a daughter to do things they were denied – they’re living life *again* through their child – – – & ruining them!!! – 6/11/21

“Perfection is simply completeness.”
– J A Wood

You may not be pretty. With, what I hope is due respect, you can’t help that. You may not be young & slim anymore – over age you no control; over the lack of slimness you have limited control. But though beauty & young are out of your power there’s an area over which you full power. You have One Hundred Percent control over being MODEST. In dress, in words, in actions. Please, PLEASE be modest. – 6/13/21


You can believe the Scriptures with the head

A good many “good” people do,

And be yet unborn (be spiritually dead)

Rationally agreeing, defending them too.

Thank you for being a “mental” Christian, Friend [1]

For your support and assent to what’s true

But, oh, I invite you to enter on in

Become “born again” – become a *new* you.

Yes, Jesus is surely, historically there,

(More evidence than for many-a-Greek.)

Let Him come inside; He really does care

About needs and the goals that you seek.

Become a full follower of the SON of MAN

“All in” – body, and mind, and soul

Come, come inside His disciple band.

You’re sorry when He makes you whole!

– eab,  June  2017

Don’t let June pass without you enjoying the greens of a garden. No, I don’t refer here to a food (tho that’s OK) I refer to colors. The tomato has his shade of green, the potato has his. Green bean leaves are yet a different tint. I’m so glad God used many varieties. “But, Bryan, I didn’t plant a garden.” I’m sorry if you feel yourself too old or ill to plant one. I’m also sorry if you have no land for one or if you were too “lazy” to plant. But I’m pretty sure that your neighbor won’t mind you stopping by & enjoying seeing the “greens” of his garden. Have a great rest of June. – 6/14/21

Rev 18.20

“Rejoice over her, thou heaven & ye holy apostles & prophets

for God hath avenged you on her.”

“Rick Warren…‘1st Reformation…was about creeds; this one’s going to be about deeds. The first one divided the church; this time it will unify the church’” > NOT POSTED WITH APPROVAL <

– reported by T A McMahon

So you kind-a, sort-a hope that you’ve worked out “an arrangement;” that God’s going to allow you & your Pet Sin into heaven. Don’t be fooled friend – but if you pretend for a moment – that The Lord allows your sin in, doesn’t He have to let in the sin of your disgusting neighbor who does “x” & your criminal-minded BIL who does “y”? THINK. Heaven will be sinless. Hear it, SINLESS. That is wonderful! – 6/15/21

“…Christians are using the ways…of the world rather than adhering to God’s Word. Marketing & entertainment have risen to the top…”

– reported by T A McMahon

[1] As I wrote in the pre-sunrise a particular fb friend came to mind. Please, Sir, be Born Again!

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2Ki 20.1 +

2Ki 20.1

“Thus saith the LORD, ‘Set thine house in order;

for thou shalt die & not live.’”

“A foreigner won’t likely invest in real estate…he doesn’t intend to stay

…picture of the Christian & his lack of interest in earthly values.”

– L D Wilcoxh

Saints, by faith, crave & have a close relationship with God. Sinners, by refusing to be close to God, are in rebellion against Him. God can (if they seek Him), forgive the rebel & can restore him to a place of fellowship. So – – – Rebel – – – do not despair but neither dawdle. You must hurry to Christ, give up your rebellion, & join the King of kings. His side will win! Never doubt it for a moment. – 6/8/21

 “A false concept of grace

will be used by the antichrist”

– Donald Winter
“Science” wants/expects you to believe their every pronouncement & if you’re trained by them, you’ll tend to do that. God wants us to believe His Book, verse-by-verse & if you love Him, you’ll do this. No intellectually honest man, can fully believe the Bible & at the same time fully believe man/satan’s counterpart called “science.” One belief will eventually supplant the other & sadly, it can go from “science” up to full believe in the Bible, or it can drop from Scripture to worthless theories. – 6/9/21


Time was when we were all boys.

Our dads and grandpas were the men,

Standing strong and tall behind us

A type of “God,” way-back when.

“Time was” does not conveniently stay

Time illusively passes, to pass-away.

The dad and grandpa lie in yonder hill

We “boys” must their shoes try to fill.

Be strong “old boy.”  Do God’s fine will.

– eab,  June 2010

I understand, you have no control over how grandchildren dress. And, sadly you have little control over how they are dressed when you arrive at your house (Martha & have aren’t having a problem here, Praise the Lord). Do you understand you DO have control over the pic you publish? You can omit the pics of immodest granddaughters/grandsons from your posts or crop then. Surely you love them but you don’t have to love their skin exposure. May Christian grandparenting have an influence toward the right – 6/10/21

“Sanctification requires no greater degree of faith

 than justification.

– J A Wood

1Th 5.22

“Abstain from all appearance of evil.”

M.A.A.N. = “Much Ado About Nothing” Possibly Shakespeare’s best words; describes almost everything he wrote &, sadly, describes much “news coverage” we’ve been fed for decades. They want us to believe *This is important while they ignore *That (as supposedly not worthy of reporting). – 6/13/21

“Holiness promotes human happiness by affording a true estimate

& interpretation of the ills of life.

– J A Wood

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2Ki 2.14 +

2Ki 2.14

“…Where is the LORD God of Elijah?… when he also had smitten the waters,

they parted hither & thither: & Elisha went over.”

“…There is no holiness for man

unless it is based on the holiness of God.”
– L D Wilcox

You’re going to take a trip. “Me? – Not me; I don’t like to travel.” Sorry, you’re going to take a trip. “But I want to stay here.” Yes, there are those who want to stay here – & – perhaps, if Eve had not sinned & coxed Adam to sin, we might’ve been allowed to stay on earth forever. But they sinned. Death followed in the footprints of sin (Before sin there was no death.) & now we all must make a trip. It is a super-serious trip. It is The Trip of a life-time tho it’s at the end of life. You ARE going to die. Prepare. – 6/10/21

“He [man] is free to choose how he will act

but he is not free to choose the results of this action.”

– L D Wilcox

If you have one child that is married to the original mate they wed 10 – 20 (or more) years ago – Rejoice.

If you have 2-3 children married to the mates they married 10 – 20 (or more) yrs ago – Rejoice & be glad.

If you have 4 (+) kids married to original mates for 10 – 20 (+) yrs ago – Rejoice & be exceedingly glad!

Give God the Glory AND keep praying – the devil of divorce still prowls the land. – 6/10/21

”The devil’s producing Bibles? Wow, what’s next?”

He does this only when he can “play” with the text.

He can laugh at your confusion, laugh behind your back

He & his ilk hope they can throw you off-track.

And symbols? What more could satan wish?

Have you believe Christianity’s connected to a fish.

Look for the roots, the reasons hidden behind

False “bibles,” rotten rituals, emblems, & such kind.

– eab,  6/12/18

Do NOT teach a child how to read unless you’re going to also teach him (& show by your example) the importance of reading the Bible. Better to not know how to read as for reading to lead to damnation. (God can show Himself to your child in His manifold details of creation, if need be.) – 6/11/21

2Pe 2.1

“But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies…”

“The enemies of the Gospel have come into the church as angels of light. Infiltration…pleasant phrases & deceptive use of Christian terminology.”

– Carl McIntire

Consider that preacher/teacher FALSE who’s developed the “ability” to make “christianity” popular with the moneyed & “in crowd” (whether he’s on TV, radio, or a supposed “holiness” pulpit) when such teaching does not lead to a radical love for Christ & His His Word.

Do not just walk away from these guys – Run! – 6/11/21

“…Ecumenical movement…is really an attach upon truth,

Jesus Christ & the Bible.”

– Carl McIntire

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