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2Ki 2.9 +

2Ki 2.9

“…Elijah said…‘Ask what I shall do for thee, before I be taken away from thee.

…Elisha said, I pray thee, let a double portion of thy spirit be upon me.’”

“…Our day has attacked the truth & trustworthiness of the Bible & as a result

men want to dispose of the Scriptures as previously held but hold on to Christ & Christianity…”
– Carl McIntire

Thank you ladies in medical fields, who’ve never worn the pants uniforms. Or if you did, you no longer don the uniform trousers, thanks for listening to the Holy Ghost. As a non-medical person I believe I see the push to wear uniform britches has contributed to a broader acceptance of women wearing them at home/store/etc. “Listen, Bryan, there’s a time that women are more ‘modest’ in pants.” If this is true then a lady needs to only do jobs (medical/otherwise) where she can retain a lady-like appearance. – 5/31/21

“When men believe alike & are united in their determination to honor God’s Word,

 the Bible, there is a blessed fellowship-Heaven-given, Spirit-blest.”

– Carl McIntire

God’s is a vertical world. satan & his human helpers try to distract us from God’s vertical-ness & have, in its place, substituted their “vision” of a horizontal world. (Heaven is not “out-there” [right] nor “over there” [left]; Heaven is UP.) Neither satan (nor his sordid assistants) want to think about the location of hell (down, below, under) because that direction is where they’re headed. – 6/8/21

sing and rejoice

This is a day to sing and rejoice;

To lift up your hands, to lift up your voice,

A Day to again, acknowledge God, King.

Will you not then joyfully, royally sing? 

– eab,  6/10/07

Hark! – do you know WHY you are *not* a careful living Christian? Are you willing to admit the TRUE reason? Friend, there is a reason. Please be MAN enough, be WOMAN enough to admit what it is. Then go to a secret place & ask God to help you stop that sin, forgive that “jerk,” leave that fornicating relationship, or remove your fits of carnal anger. God wants you to be in heaven, forever with Him. Obey Him. Believe Him. Let Him become the center AND the circumference of your life. – 6/10/21  

Gen 1.26 – 27

“…God said, ‘Let us make man in our image…’

…male & female created he them.”

“If you shut up the damper of confession,

you will smother the fire of sanctification.”

– Orlow C Webb

The attempt (it’s doomed) to erase the distinction between male & female causes a search for words. It is stupid. It is irrational. It is unintelligent. These are limited in trying to express how silly (worthy expressions seem inadequate) such idiotic effort is. These suggesting this are rebelling against God. In Gen 1.26 “man” first occurs – in the next verse “male” & “female” are used. Two sexes are the basic blocks of the human race. To try to push this aside is to try to brush God aside. These people are rebels. – 6/10/21    

“After my return home I was much buffeted with temptations but cried out

& they fled away. They returned again & again…He sent me help from His holy place.”

– John Wesley

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