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1Ch 16.11 +

1Ch 16.11

“Seek the LORD & his strength

seek his face continually.”

“…Perfect love excluding hatred, perfect faith excluding unbelief, perfect humility excluding pride,

perfect meekness excluding anger, perfect patience excluding impatience…”

– J A Wood

Your son’s hair is longer than Dad’s. Why? Your daughter’s skirt is shorter than Mom’s. Why? “I hadn’t noticed.” If this is mere oversight, it’s easy to correct (every home makes mistakes). But if the longness of hair or shortness of skirt are purposely allowed, there is probably a sin problem: child’s, parent’s, Both. Some have allowed “junior” to play in sports they could not or allowed a daughter to do things they were denied – they’re living life *again* through their child – – – & ruining them!!! – 6/11/21

“Perfection is simply completeness.”
– J A Wood

You may not be pretty. With, what I hope is due respect, you can’t help that. You may not be young & slim anymore – over age you no control; over the lack of slimness you have limited control. But though beauty & young are out of your power there’s an area over which you full power. You have One Hundred Percent control over being MODEST. In dress, in words, in actions. Please, PLEASE be modest. – 6/13/21


You can believe the Scriptures with the head

A good many “good” people do,

And be yet unborn (be spiritually dead)

Rationally agreeing, defending them too.

Thank you for being a “mental” Christian, Friend [1]

For your support and assent to what’s true

But, oh, I invite you to enter on in

Become “born again” – become a *new* you.

Yes, Jesus is surely, historically there,

(More evidence than for many-a-Greek.)

Let Him come inside; He really does care

About needs and the goals that you seek.

Become a full follower of the SON of MAN

“All in” – body, and mind, and soul

Come, come inside His disciple band.

You’re sorry when He makes you whole!

– eab,  June  2017

Don’t let June pass without you enjoying the greens of a garden. No, I don’t refer here to a food (tho that’s OK) I refer to colors. The tomato has his shade of green, the potato has his. Green bean leaves are yet a different tint. I’m so glad God used many varieties. “But, Bryan, I didn’t plant a garden.” I’m sorry if you feel yourself too old or ill to plant one. I’m also sorry if you have no land for one or if you were too “lazy” to plant. But I’m pretty sure that your neighbor won’t mind you stopping by & enjoying seeing the “greens” of his garden. Have a great rest of June. – 6/14/21

Rev 18.20

“Rejoice over her, thou heaven & ye holy apostles & prophets

for God hath avenged you on her.”

“Rick Warren…‘1st Reformation…was about creeds; this one’s going to be about deeds. The first one divided the church; this time it will unify the church’” > NOT POSTED WITH APPROVAL <

– reported by T A McMahon

So you kind-a, sort-a hope that you’ve worked out “an arrangement;” that God’s going to allow you & your Pet Sin into heaven. Don’t be fooled friend – but if you pretend for a moment – that The Lord allows your sin in, doesn’t He have to let in the sin of your disgusting neighbor who does “x” & your criminal-minded BIL who does “y”? THINK. Heaven will be sinless. Hear it, SINLESS. That is wonderful! – 6/15/21

“…Christians are using the ways…of the world rather than adhering to God’s Word. Marketing & entertainment have risen to the top…”

– reported by T A McMahon

[1] As I wrote in the pre-sunrise a particular fb friend came to mind. Please, Sir, be Born Again!

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