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1Ch 16.22 +

1Ch 16.22

“Touch not mine anointed

& do my prophets no harm.”

“We get in trouble when we do not take the Bible

[for] what it says…”

– G R French, 6/3/01

Literature is my college major. Biblical Literature is my (60 hr.) Masters “major.” Thus from a literature liking English h.s. teacher (Miss Reiss) through a BA, MA, & since into both preaching & teaching fields I’ve been exposed to many books of literary value: American, English, World. The greatest Book in any language, on any continent is the Bible. The greatest Book in English is the King James Bible. (When a man tries to question this, he’s showing his limitation &/or perhaps how prejudice he is.) – 6/10/21

“Catholics & atheists both have a problem

more argument will not fix.”
– Jeremy Fuller

Are you walking in your Light? – the Truth God has shed on your pathway? Or that which He will require of you to enter His Holy Heaven? Yes, there is a Sterling Standard of Scripture for us all but many times God places His hand on “x” or “y” & asks you to do more *this or to NOT do *that – this is YOUR Light. So – – – are you, Friend, walking in *your* Light. Your Father knows what’s best! Listen. – 6/14/21


When the spirit (life itself) departs

The body & soul parts.

It was the “glue”

That held the two. 

– eab,  6/18/18

When you figure out that someone wants you to pay attention to what they’re doing – Don’t.

When he/she thinks their wild clothing should demand your attention – Look the opposite way.

When gal/guy with pink, purple, or green hair is “crying out” for you to stare – stare otherwise. – 6/17/21

Jam 4.6

“…Wherefore he saith, God resisteth the proud

but giveth grace unto the humble.”

“If you wish to know his purpose before it comes to pass,

you can only discover it by his Word.”

– Charles Spurgeon

Six yrs ago this very evening (June 17) was my FFSF (free from science-fiction) day. I’d never believed evilution , I’d not accepted one of the major “news stories,” but this night in June (2015) I was set from “sci-fi” in a major way. Let me encourage you STOP accepting mere pronouncements, mere pics, mere CGI (computer Generated Images). Begin to reject sci-fi. Begin to see that Scripture does not support much which modern “science” spews as true. I’m grateful for 6/17/2015. Thank You, Jesus. – 6/17/21

“You cannot antagonize &

 influence at the same time.”

– John Knox

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