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2Ch 29.11 +

2Ch 29.11

“My sons, be not now negligent: for the LORD hath chosen you

to stand before him, to serve him…”

“He has allowed me to be perplexed & tempted but it has been for my good…

Sometimes it has seemed that He had left me alone but…He has not suffered me to fall.”

Samuel L Brengle

Preacher. When you’re gone (moved on or died) do you want a congregation to remember “Bro Jones /Smith /Brown used to say…” or, OR do you want them to remember Scripture (verses or sections) you emphasized? I know its nice to be remembered but in the long run – and that, Friend, is what getting to heaven is about – it’s better that we leave behind a love for the Bible, than so cute sayings. – 6/19/21   

“You need not fear that the experience will wear out or grow tame. God is infinite & your little mind & heart cannot exhaust the wonders of His wisdom & goodness & grace & glory…”
Samuel L Brengle

We understand (or think we do) the contrast between Light & dark, between Up & down, between Right & wrong. Too few of us have opposed the onslaught of *images.* There’s not only contrasts above but there is a big contrast between Word & image. Believe the Word of God – reject images. God is the Word & He uses the Word. Images are unreal & satan uses them to fascinate & enslave men. Too many “Christian” men use images. Too few men are lovingly, daily feeding on the Eternal Word. – 6/22/21 


Saints have the Wonderful Hope

Of seeing saintly friends on Heaven’s shore.  

Saints also know unrepentant persecutors

Will after death, torment them no more.

– 6/24/21

Are you reading your Bible? Are you reading It with BOTH eyes open? A good way to pray as you open the Eternal Book to read, is to ask “Lord, what would You have me see today?” Then read insisting that your “mind” stay with you & not wander off to “fix the fence on the back 40” or “bake the yellow cake for the strawberries.” Read with all of you. Underline. Make notes. Link verse “x” with verse “xx.” Have a note book handy & write down what you’re likely to not remember. – 6/24/21 

Rev 20.4

“And I saw thrones & they sat upon them & judgment was given unto them:

& I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus & for the word of God…”

“Augustine supported military force against those who were re-baptized…”

– Dave Hunt

Can you “see” a barn with cows in a pasture & a crop field beyond? If 100 READERS, were to type what they saw there’d be 100 different pics. The barn could be red or white or that never painted weathered gray or… The cows could be Holstein or Guernsey or Jersey or Angus or… The pasture could be flat or rolling or hilly or…The crop could be corn or wheat or oats or timothy or… But, hear me, but if a painter painted the leading sentence, we’d all see the same scene. Pics tend to make us think alike – words allow for 100s of different word-pics as suite our roots/background. God is so wise to place His Book in Words. – 6/24/21    

“Atheists cling to evolution as an escape from accountability to God.”

– Dave Hunt

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