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Psa 111.9 +

Psa 111.9

“He sent redemption unto his people: he hath commanded his covenant

for ever: holy and reverend is his name.”

“I just don’t have enough faith

to believe in evolution.”

– R E Carroll

Christians live the Best lives, die the Best deaths, & go to the Best eternity. P.e.r.i.o.d.  So – – – why are YOU not following Christ? In all honesty when souls do not follow Christ it is because they really believe the devil. That’s right, they are believing the liar & therefore doubting the Man of Truth. Shame on you. -6/25/21

“Issues are simple when the heart is intense.”
– Samuel Chadwick

Someone (I know not to whom to proffer the credit) said that God is “outside of time.” Yes, with little question, He is. Allow me to venture He is also “separate from eternity.” If one is unwilling to agree that God is “separate from Eternity,” I’d say God “owns Eternity.” He might be thought of as “wearing Eternity” as a light mantel on His mighty “shoulders.” – 6/29/21

Ruth E Bryan – Mom

Seamstress? Ah yes, and more,

For she’s not confined to new cloth

With perfect pattern and match.

Give her one that has seen the moth

Some castoff of yester yore,

She’ll renew it with the neatest patch.

Well educated? Not as the world sees;

And early-teen illness forced her out

Of her Ohio school, Rutland High.

Crossword puzzles oft made her scout,

And constant Bible reading (if you please)

Brought education nearer by.

Kitchen Queen?  Oh yes, and then some,

Potato salad diced ever so small.

The aroma and taste of homemade bread,

Pumpkin pies, and apricot, fall by fall,

In short, a kitchen that said, “Come,

You’ll be well filled, tastefully fed.”

Theologian?  Again, one would doubt

Such a term should well apply,

But the Book she reads so much,

With open heart and dampened eye,

That words inserted or left out

Or meanings wrong – she detects such.

Meek?  All her friends readily agree,

Those who have known days long past,

Those who met her this week,

That had God sought to form a cast,

In which to shape humility,

This soul would say, “For this I seek.”

Staunch?  Staunchness with meekness?

Definitely!  Meek in matters personal,

Staunch in those of right and wrong.

The dark eyes flash in ways – terminal!

Opposing sinfulness isn’t her weakness,

Whether agreed or opposed by the throng.

Helpful?  In so many, many ways!

It has been her nature – fits her life,

To lift, to give, “to pray” with feet,

As “Mom Bryan,” great Mom, or loving wife.

For friends now and those of western days,

Blessing others has made her complete.

Describe the lady?  How?

Who is poet?  Who can tell

In such few words, right here and now,

What she has “written” long and well.

– eab,  July 1982   

Read the Bible. Re-read the Bible. Study the greatest Book in the world. Study It to find the road to & stay on the wonderful, sole Highway of Holiness. Please hear me. You may think (been indoctrinated to believe) you have to know *this cult or *that weird religion in order to “witness” to so-n-so. No. Come to know the True Way. Believe in, & joyfully practice the Bible, & others will want to leave their false religion & enjoy Full Salvation. – 7/6/21

Psa 119.11

“Thy word have I hid in mine heart,

that I might not sin against thee.”

In an instant the Lord made me so happy that I cannot express what I felt. I shouted for joy.

I praised God with my whole heart for what he had done for a poor sinner like me.”

– Billy Bray

Is your husband called to preach? Please, sister PLEASE be supportive. Do not insist on new furniture. Please do not “bug him” for a dress. Please sister, don’t be “border-line worldly” in dress, hair styles: you OR your children. (Congregations are not blind – they see if your life *matches* his preaching.) Please spend some extra time in prayer for him daily & maybe especially on the day before he preaches. A preacher-husband needs &, if he’s being faithful, Deserves a wife who backs him, body & soul. – 7/6/21

“He has made me glad & no one can make me sad.

He makes me shout & no one can make me doubt.”

– Billy Bray

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