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Est 4.14 +

Est 4.14

“…Who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom

for such a time as this?”

“You will never know down here that Christ is all you need until Christ is all you have left.

You will never be able to tell the world for sure that He will do in a crisis unless you learn how to live in a crisis.”

– Lester Roloff

Every man is the epicenter of his world. To His N. all is north. To His E. all is east. To His W. all is west. To His S. all is south. From His head, all is up. From His feet, all is down. When he moves he carries the “weight” of his epicenter with him. Individualism is a fantastic thing. Only God could have, would have, made it. Thank You, Lord, for our individuality – 6/29/21

 “I see no hope for a revival among God’s people today. They are so enamored & so cluttered up with Hollywood & newspapers & magazines & parties & bowling alleys & camping trips & everything else. How in the world are they going to get still long enough to see anything from God?”

– Lester Roloff
If God has called your son or husband or grandson to preach the Everlasting Gospel (Rev 14.6) rejoice. He has received the highest possible calling known to man – He’s been selected to be God’s representative. But expect trouble. The devil will try to get him to do secular work & miss the blessing of full-time faith service. Or satan will try to get him to adopt “popular religion” Or satan will try to get him sidetracked on extreme rightish details. Pray for this man as never before & even fast for him. – 7/6/21 


Easier to give it, 

Than to live it!

– eab, July 1979    

God provided a body for man. He provided food for his body’s hunger & water for his body’s thirst.

God provided a mind for man. He provided facts & information for the “hunger” of man’s mind.

But listen – God made man a living soul & He provided HIMSELF for the hunger/thirst of man’s soul.

Man cannot live without food/drink, nor can his mind can’t “live” without facts.

Nor, hear it, is any man *alive* without the abiding presence of God in his daily life. – 7/7/21   

“There are 3 points in teaching Holiness that the Lord has led me to emphasis continually.

First, that men cannot make themselves holy…Second…fact that the blessing is received by faith…

Third…the truth that the Blessing is to be received by faith now.

– Samuel Brengle

Mat 5.6

“Blessed are they which do hunger & thirst after righteousness:

for they shall be filled.”

There is a line between non-living stone/soil & plants. There’s a line between plants & animals. There is a line between animals & mankind. And there’s a line between man & woman. Each stone, plant, animal & each sex has its place in God’s present creation. Do not try to obliterate these God-made lines. To honor them is to honor their Maker. AND to honor them is to do yourself a favor. You, modern man degenerated by sin, do not know best. The Creator knew, knows & will know exactly what is BEST. – 7/7/21 

“All the treasuries of wisdom & knowledge are hid in Him &

we in our ignorance & foolishness are ‘complete in Him.’”

– Samuel Brengle

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