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Eph 4.4 +

Eph 4.4

“There is one body & one Spirit

even as ye are called in one hope of your calling;”

“The success…of the unarmed & defenseless apostles & primitive preachers of Christianity

is an incontrovertible proof that the gospel is a revelation of God.”

– Adam Clarke

You have one Hope of making it to Heaven. One. No. it’s not belonging to the “right” church (Tho that may help). No, it’s not staying away from worldly entertainment (Tho that WILL help). And No, it’s not even reading your Bible – if all you do is read. Your One Hope – my One Hope, is trusting & obeying Jesus Christ. Do you?  Do you? 100%? – 6/28/21 

“‘Love ye your enemies’…the most sublime precept ever delivered to man…a false religion durst not give…without supernatural influence…”
– Adam Clarke

“Science” calls the moon a reflector. Bible clearly states she has her OWN light:

“God made two great lights the greater light to rule the day & the lesser light to rule the night”(Gen 1.16).

“For the stars of heaven…shall not give their light…moon shall not cause her light to shine”(Isa 13.10).

“…I will cover the heaven…and the moon shall not give her light”(Eze 32.7).

“…after the tribulation of those days…sun be darkened…moon shall not give her light…”(Mat 24.29).

“…After that tribulation, the sun shall be darkened and the moon shall not give her light”(Mar 13.24).


P  Paul Wood Finch has turned the tassel,

               “Graduated” today.  

A  A long time ago he started this school

               Called Narrow Way

U  Untold millions have done this course, of free will,

               not of force.          

L  Learning and loving to learn,

               growing in Christ every day.                             

W  Would you believe in Jesus also,

               have Him as your Friend?                  

O  Our brother’s life imitate,

               he’s found a fabulous “end.”

O  Or let me say “beginning”

               (only earth-life has ending).

D  Dead?  Oh, no.  Much more alive

               than those who condolence send.     

F  Father of five, yet spiritually,

               many more are alive

I  In Ireland, Africa, and home

               he has descendents dear.

N  No allowance Finch would make,

               for old carnality’s sake

C  Clean hands and a pure heart

               are available “now and here.”

H  Holiness lead Finch to heaven. 

               Oh, follow in his wake! 

 – eab,  7/8/03       

It is a good idea to not call a man a liar – he may try to re-arrange your face. It is a Great Idea to call satan a liar – that’s what he is. Jesus can protect you from satan’s power & you can live. If Jesus allows you to be persecuted & even killed by satan (or his people) you can die in peace, knowing that you spoke the truth when you called satan a liar. – 7/7/21 

Mat 28.18

“And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying,

‘All power is given unto me in heaven & in earth.’”

I can’t help praising God. As I go along the street I lift up one foot & it seems to say, glory.

And I lift up the other & it seems to say, amen & so they keep on like that all the time I am walking.”

– Billy Bray

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