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Est 4.16 +

Est 4.16

“…And so will I go in unto the king, which is not according to the law

& if I perish, I perish.”

“…True fear comes from faith;

false fear comes from doubt…”

– Blaise Pascal

There’s a dangerous place a human mind can reach where Right become “wrong” & Wrong becomes “right.” They don’t trade places but a warped mind seems capable of trying to *think* they do. This deception sadly, includes suicide. It’s never right to take one’s own life. NEVER. Pray. Call someone who can pray with you over the phone or better yet come pray by your side. God can give you grace. God can forgive, if you’ll obey Him. Once you’re dead it’s too late to pray. TOO LATE. – 7/1/21

 “Men often take their imagination for their heart & they believe they are converted

as soon as they think of being converted.”

– Blaise Pascal
HEAVEN. It seems to me (I obviously don’t know) that heaven has 1 of 2 things. 1.) I can imagine God allowing us to have a kind of Holy “Amnesia” which will wipe from memories all old friends who aren’t in heaven. This way we will not miss them – no tears. 2.) I can also imagine if we do remember an acquaintance who’s not there, we’ll have no tears because we realize (like never before) they were enemies of OUR Wonderful Savior & we’ve Him more than the old sinner freinds. – 7/1/21

so unknown

Death is a mysterious door

From which we’ll exit nevermore

Known about – yet so unknown

Where the seeds that life has sown

Are harvested with glory or groan

Prepare! We quickly approach its shore.

– eab,  7/10/18 

You help set the atmosphere for the church service for YOU as you enter. If you enter talking to a member of the family, it doesn’t suggest the highest reverence. If you enter & upon being seated check your phone, you’re hurting your atmosphere for worship. Please, PLEASE consider going back to the great (& I mean GREAT) habit of kneeling at your pew to pray. After you’ve invited God to visit you (& visit the service) consider not talking to anyone else. WORSHIP God. He deserves ALL your attention. – 7/11/21 

“Those who imagine they can encounter the cares of life with just the same measure of grace

 which was sufficient for them in a single state will find themselves greatly mistaken.

– Adam Clarke

Luk 16.22b-23a

“…The rich man also died & was buried;

“And in hell he lift up his eyes, being in torments…”

It’s a horrible thought that any man/woman is in HELL – people we never knew. It gets more real when we recognize there’re probably men/women in HELL now with whim we once worked, or to whom we were neighbors, or we all attended the same family reunion. Friend, what “Trusting & Obeying” are you doing *this moment* to avoid HELL? Run from any habit, Run from any vocabulary, Run from any movie or sports addiction which is dulling your awareness of HELL. RUN. – 7/11/21   

“…there is a middle way

from which these extremes are equally distant…”

– Adam Clarke

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