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1Th 4.16 +

1Th 4.16

“For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel

& with the trump of God: & the dead in Christ shall rise first:”

“This fitness…to appear before God & thorough preparation for eternal glory is what I plead for, pray for, & heartily recommend to all true believers under the name of Christian Perfection.”

– Adam Clarke

Please, friend, start thinking. If God has already given you a mind to think critically, don’t allow objective thinking be lost – it could save your life & careful thinking, plus the Marvelous Grace of Jesus, could save your soul. I care not what a prof may profess in college (even a Bible college) does it align with the Bible? I care not what a preacher preaches, do his words agree with The Word of God. Nor do I care what your “Study” Bible or radio/pod cast guy spouts. Believe only what agrees with God. Think. -7/1/21   

“As there is no end to the merits of Christ incarnated & crucified…

[there are] no limits to the improvability of the human soul…”
– Adam Clarke

I have a theory (that’s all it is, as far as I know) that no sinner will be missed in heaven. NONE. Some people like to hear, “Missed you at the meeting…” It’s sad that the carnal nature which loved to be recognized, loved to hear its name mentioned, will spend (IMO) eternity missed by no one in heaven. In that Wonderful Eternity above, millions will be rejoicing in Christ, will be glorifying their Savior, & not one soul below will be missed. – 7/11/21


See God in the delicate art of a flower,

Hear Him in thunders terrific power,

Taste God in both super sweet and slightly sour,

Smell Him in the spring/summer garden bower,

Strive to feel Him near, every waking hour.

– eab,  7/8/10

The individuality that is known across the face of the earth, is not an accident! God, the most magnificent Being (not imaginable-but beyond our stretchiest imagination), made you a being – small “b” but still a “being.”

satan & those obeying him tend toward uniforms (opposite of individuality). Armies – uniforms, sports teams – uniforms, cults – uniforms, “astronauts” – uniforms, lab coats – uniforms, prisoners – uniforms. -7/12/21

1Pe 4.7

“But the end of all things is at hand:

be ye therefore sober & watch unto prayer.”

“I have all that I need here & heaven hereafter!

How much richer could anybody want to be?

– Lester Roloff

It is impossible to preach the clear message of Heart Holiness without being either filled with His Spirit, or seeking Him with all the heart. Studious talks can be done, scholarly papers can be written, even messages can be presented (at church/camp) exploring some historical aspect (or deviation thereof) & fool some unsanctified hearer. But only the fully saved can properly present the cost & the treasure, the need & the enjoyment of holiness. – 7/12/21

Faith takes out the anxiety. It takes out the fear.  Faith leans heavy on the Lord. It knows that the Bible is so & can be trusted & that we can live by it & all of our needs will be supplied.

– Lester Roloff

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