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WATER BAPTISM  Series. Please write your own defense of water baptism on YOUR posts. Repeat – your own. Please do not fill my feed with your arguments. I will probably not make one response to your arguments FOR  water baptism but people need to see that there is the more important side of the Holy Ghost Baptism which is receiving little attention & not as much preaching as it ought.  – 7/15/21      

WATER BAPTISM 1. Some may have *never questioned “water baptism.” These posts are invitations to do that. If you want water baptism I’m not calling it sin. I DO strongly urge you to not condemn those who question water baptism. It at best, is a rite. I know of no rite which does not require the presence of at least 1 or 2 other humans. Salvation does not! Sanctification does not require another human, nor does death. These 3 are the most important days of your life & they only need you & God. Think. – 7/15/21      

WATER BAPTISM 2. “But, Bryan, what do you do with, ‘One Lord, one faith, one baptism’”(Eph 4.5)?

I believe it, fully believe it. Almost every one knows there is a baptism that “sprinkles” (babies, sick or dying folks). There is a 2nd that “pours.” There’s a 3rd that “submerges.” (That’s 3 baptisms.) Then there are those who baptize forward. And those who baptize backward. And those who put the recipient under 3 times. “One baptism” doesn’t sound like water to me. It is the Baptism of the Holy Ghost. – 7/15/21

WATER BAPTISM 3. Jesus, of course, doesn’t deny that His forerunner used water. “For John truly baptized with water but ye shall be baptized with the Holy Ghost not many days hence”(Act 1.5). Please note the strongest, contrasting conjunction in our language “BUT.” Water is one thing the Power of the Blessed Third Person of the God Head is entirely another. Water is a created substance; the Holy Ghost is God therefore totally uncreated. Sinful men can put you “under” God only fills those who are ready. Think – 7/15/21

WATER BAPTISM 4. Pre-school I attended a Nazarene church – no baptismal trough up front. Later we went to a Free Methodist ch. – again no baptismal “tub” up front. About 10 we started attending a Pilgrim Holiness ch. with again no facility to baptize. During 4 yrs of h.s. & parts of 6 yrs of college (God’s Bible School) I, & then my wife & I, attended Wesleyan Methodist & Pilgrim Holiness ch. & not one had a baptismal. Went to teach at Hobe Sound Bible College (’67) – they had no baptismal facility. Holiness churches/schools do not need such. They believe in wonderful Baptism by the Holy Ghost. THINK – 7/15/21      

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