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1Th 5.19 – 20

“Quench not the Spirit.

 “Despise not prophesyings”

A servant of God has but one Master. It ill becomes the servant to seek to be rich

& great & honored in that world where his Lord was poor & mean & despised.”

– Geo. Mueller

Make yourself a plan to memorize portions of the Bible. Recording your own voice reading parts of the Bible & play it to yourself as you drive or work. Read a portion over & over till it become very familiar to you. Or listen to someone read the Bible but recording it yourself (as above) “gives you a jump” on memorizing. “Bryan, what do you do?” I use index card (cut in two) with a verse (or 1 with ellipses points) on one side & the reference on the other. Have used these for yrs & am happy with this system. – 7/19/21  

“God judges what we give by what we keep.”

 – George Mueller

“Why memorize Scripture, Bryan, I own 2-3 Bibles?” Glad you asked. Your eyesight may (probably will) diminish, making the Bible harder to read. Your hands could become crippled making it harder to pick up & hold a Bible. AND as much as we don’t want to think about it, totalitarian groups have in the past attempted to stamp out the Bible – if It is hid in your heart “Thy word have I hid in mine heart… (Psa 119.11) you’re in a win – win position. Start Today. Increase memorizing Today. Blessings!  – 7/19/21   


Your county, your country has many a road

Real Life has only two.

The best one leads up and up

Up way beyond the blue.

This upward trending road’s not “trendy”

And travelers are few in number

But they are one “happy lot”

Without sin to encumber.

The other road descends progressively down

Ending in a light-less night

(Oh, the awesome contrast with up,

which leads ever into night-less light.

You may have been a “home-body”

And never left your native vales

But Friend, you’re traveling NOW up or down

Traveling one of these two trails.

The road to the best place looks dull and plain

That’ll change when death’s on your brow.

Leave oh, leave the glitter, glitzy trail

Friend, I urge you to change NOW.

– eab,  July 2016   

Write your own Obit? Please do NOT. If (& the if is a large IF) you’re aware in heaven of your Obit, it may embarrass you (again with a question that ‘embarrassment’ exists above). Thank God for any good you’ve done by God’s help – but It. Was. By. His. Help. If, heaven forbid, you go to hell, the sound of a flowery Obit may make you angry (if such were to be known below). You were president of ‘x,’ you started ‘y,’ you sat on this board or that but you didn’t love God & sadly did not go UP. – 7/19/21    

“You can as soon meet with a man that never felt the wind or heard the sound thereof as with one

that never felt the Divine breathing or heard the still small voice which we call the grace of God.’

– John Fletcher

Psa 46.10

“Be still & know that I am God:

I will be exalted among the heathen,

I will be exalted in the earth.”

Is your talking device (by whatever name) always talking/playing music? Why? Do you constantly listen to even “christian” music? Again Why? There’s something to be said for silence. There’s a time to hear nothing man-made. There’s a time to hear birds sing, cows moo, or even crickets chirp. A reader may remember the Bible says “Be still…” (good advice in a noisy, rushing world) but do you recall the words the Psalmist wrote next? “…and know that I am God…”(46.10). Wonderful! Cherish silence. – 7/19/21    

“…If we give over following after holiness & do not continue to leave all for Christ’s sake, may we not forfeit our title to glory as the servant who had 10,000 talents forgiven him forfeited his pardon…”

– John Fletcher

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