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1Th 5.21

“Prove all things;

hold fast that which is good.”

Every sin you commit you will have to meet it somewhere,

& settle for it.”

– Uncle Buddy

A new heaven & a new earth will (it seems to me) offer unlimited opportunity for exploration – with, of course, no danger (death, if remembered at all) will be a distant memory. (Please forgive the limitation of mere human words trying to describe that glorious world to come.) These new realms (heaven/earth) will have unmingled delight – innocency & purity. W.O.N.D.E.R.F.U.L. is too calm a word. – 7/17/21      

Sanctification is free.  You have to give yourself for it,

but you are nothing & you give yourself…”

– Uncle Buddy

If it hasn’t happened yet, it can. Ask God to give you a deeper appreciation for His Word. Ask Him to increase your love for It, the source of Truth. No, the Bible is not “a” source of Truth – It is *THE* source of all Truth of eternal importance. And yes, Truth has a capital “T” on purpose here. BTW as your love for the Truth of the Bible increases, expect (& enjoy) a balancing decrease in any affinity to the false, the fake, the flimsy, feeble & foolish lies of the world. – 7/19/21

“Father time” and “mother nature”

Have enjoyed millennia of pleasure

Under Him who rules from above the stars.

They’re only agents under His divine gaze

Limited in scope and with terminating days

He uses them: sort-a-like we use our cars.

– eab,  7/21/21

You’re hearing a song for the first time. Something about the tune is appealing or a cluster of words is picturesque. The next words heard are not Biblical. *What do you do? You can keep on “enjoying” the song or, OR you can stay with Scripture. “I hate to be a song critic.” Friend, life is full of choices & for today’s Christians, a part of these choices are 1.) Listen to what appeals to the flesh (includes ears) or 2.) Restrict your listening to songs with Biblical basis. Easy? No. Necessary for the soul? Yes. – 7/20/21        

“Faith is the hidden root, hope the rising stock & love together with good works the nourishing corn… Christ takes neither faith nor hope into heaven, the former being gloriously absorbed in sight & the latter in enjoyment.’

– John Fletcher

1Co 2.16

“For who hath known the mind of the Lord,

that he may instruct him?…”

“Thou shalt not make unto thee ANY *graven image or ANY *likeness of any thing that is in heaven above or that is in the earth beneath or that is in the water under the earth.” Exo 20.4 (emphasis-eab). This is the 1st use of “graven.” It’s used 50 times+ in the OT. Its sole NT (& final) usage is “…the Godhead is [not] like unto gold or silver or stone graven by art & man’s device”(Act 17.29). Here “graven” is distinctly linked to “art.” Have we picture-taking, sculpture-honoring moderns missed something? – 7/21/21

“…He works daily as a Prophet to enlighten you, as a Priest to make intercession for you,

as a King to subdue your enemies, as a Redeemer to deliver you…& as a Savior to help you work out your own salvation…”

– John Fletcher

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