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1Th 5.22 +

1Th 5.22

“Abstain from all appearance of evil.”

“To be sanctified is nothing more or less than this one thing, the complete removal from the heart of that which is enmity to God, not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be; and this enables the life to be fully devoted to God.

D Shelby Corlett

Are YOU willing to think? Hope so. We may’ve bought too heavily into the “world’s art.”

Neither “chisel” nor “hammer” are found in the NT (New Testament), suggesting no sculptures were done by NT Christians. Nor are “brush” or “canvas” in the NT, suggesting paintings were not done by them. Even the art of music is not strongly in the NT (except human voices). It does not contain “flute” nor “organ,” suggesting these were not played by NT saints. – 7/21/21

“Holiness as devotedness to God involves the subordination of all other purposes to the one great purpose – the joyous acceptance & the happy doing of the will of God.

D Shelby Corlett

A tattoo on an arm is ugly. It is unnatural, therefore it is ugly. (If you had been born with that “mark” you’d possibly have had surgery to remove it. (Be Honest right here.)

A tattoo on a leg is almost always sexy. Tattoos – all tattoos are meant to draw attention. If you want to draw eyes to your leg, you with little doubt, have carnality in your heart, male or female. – 7/21/21


A man is noticed, abilities are seen

He’s called to act, his actions are keen

From blank to blank – he served that date.

He passes on, is referred to as “the late…”

God, oh, happy contrast, is always great.

He is always mild love (never wild hate)

God’s attributes know no in/out “gate.”

– eab,  7/17/10

You have a child starting school this fall – FACT. You’re making plans to educate him/her at home; I hope that’s – FACT. You (if this is new to you) possibly feel over-whelmed – I’m not surprised if that’s – FACT 3. But, Christian, with God’s help you can make it. And, even if you’re not yet a Christian, allow me to say With. God’s. Help. You. Can. Make. It. “How can you say that, Bryan?” Listen; God is THE Father of all fathers. He loves children more than we do. & that’s a – FACT. Lean on Him – 7/22/21

“Regeneration is like breaking up the fallow ground & sowing it with wheat, In the growth of which there spring up tares. It is a mixed moral state.

Bishop Hamline

Pro 22.5

“Train up a child in the way he should go:

& when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

WARNING LONG POST. We know too many “things” & “people” who NEVER existed. God help us. 

Images are around us but we may fail to “see” how they permeate life. If you got a dollar for every image you can list on paper you’d have a large stack: archie, B.C., bugs bunny/elmer fudd, calvin/hobbs, charlie brown, daffey, dagwood/blondie, dennis the menis, donald duck, felix, lion king, mickey mouse/minnie mouse, peanuts/snoopy, popeye the sailor man, road-runner, smokie-the-bear, spiderman, superman, tom/jerry are a few. NOTE: I do Not regularly read the funnies Nor see disney junk. I did Not look at a list before I started. I didn’t list myth characters: jack-n-the-beanstalk, humpty-dumpty, snow white (&7 dwarfs) etc. Further Note: I haven’t mentioned the many characters of star wars, gunsmoke & 1000s? of movies some know much more about than I do. (No caps on purpose.) – 7/23/21

Sanctification is like weeding the soil, or gathering the tares and burning them, so that nothing remains to grow there but good seed. In regeneration a spiritual growth is like the slow progress of the wheat, choked and made sickly by the intermingling weeds.”

Bishop Hamline

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