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2Ti 2.9 +

“In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel,

with shamefacedness & sobriety; not with broided hair or gold or pearls, or costly array;”

“God wonderfully helped the preacher [Jonathan Edwards] but

many of his people had been up all night on Saturday praying for God.”

– George B Kulp

“R.I.P.” is often printed just like this, or at times is written out, “Rest In Peace.” Often this comes from sinners & is too easily said. If the deceased lived right (so he could DIE right) R.I.P. is unnecessary – he/she is a place so peaceful (if we could glimpse in) we’d be amazed, having never seen anything like it. AND, if the deceased dropped into hell’s horrors, he’ll never know peace. R.I.P. is shallow. – 7/24/21

“God cannot be for & against the same thing at the same time.”
– Abraham Lincoln (quoted by George Kulp)

Teach your child to read. It could be said “Reading is the greatest KEY to the good life on earth.” But – it gets better – to be able to Read the Bible is the KEY (along with obedience to Christ) to all that lies ABOVE earth. A man who can read can learn all he needs to know about the grammar & literature of his native tongue. He can likewise acquaint himself with history, geography, & what science & math he needs to do his work. The Key is being able to read & a desire to do so. Teach your child both. – 8/1/21


Things have strings

And tie you down with their weight.

The more things, the more strings

Don’t let sinking be your “fate.”

Cast off the ropes, the tether

Of woods and metals and leather

Give it all away – or if not

Break the strings – let them rot.

Be free from the bindings of earth

Both its sorrows and its bit of mirth.

Ready to lift away and fly

(No suitcase is needed up on high)

Own all you own; not it *own you.

String-less riches are the True!

– eab,  8/2/17 

You want to dress/talk/be like the world? You want to go where they go, listen to their junky “music” & laugh at their off-color “jokes”? How long can this last? Regardless of how long the world stands your life could be over in less than 50 yrs – maybe less than 10 yrs – could be less than 10 days. What you WANT to *look like, *sound like, *be like, will soon be gone; then what? Eternity. Then what? ETERNITY. Read it one more time E*T*E*R*N*I*T*Y. That friend is a long, Long time. – 8/2/21

Gen 17.1

“…I am the Almighty God; walk before me

& be thou perfect.”

“Do not be discouraged; there are no hard cases with God. He will answer prayer &

save the sinner if we get in earnest & then refuse to take ‘no’ for an answer…”

J B McBride

God’s man will preach/write some things an un-Filled man is afraid to say. Churches have divorced & remarried couples comfortably attending because a pastor is silent. Some go to professional sports events because a pastor is silent. Others have a night they watch hollywood disney movies because a pastor says nothing. “There’s more to preach, Bryan.” I fully agree, but weeds grow when not mentioned – & weeds can crowd out the good within the family. Preach against the world at times. – 8/2/21    

The soul that will indulge in lightness & foolish conversation & idle away God’s valuable time

in loitering around with the world’s crowd can never speak ‘as the oracles of God.’” 

J B McBride

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