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2Ti 3.3 +

2Ti 3.3

[A bishop] “Not given to wine, no striker, not greedy of

filthy lucre; but patient, not a brawler, not covetous;

Augustine supported military force against those who were rebaptized…

[Therefore do not read or model your theology after Augustine.]

– from Dave Hunt

We mere mortals need to pray, every & more than once a day. Ah yes, & Oh yes, how we need God – our prayer is so needful to us. God needs nothing (He is God.) needs not our measly words, nor our weak worship but (forgive me as I be reverently, boldly say) He “enjoys” hearing from us. Think of a man of wealth in his at-home-office receiving a timid knock & then having his 3 yr old child give him a posy she/he just picked – Need it? Not at all. Enjoy it? Immensely! It came from his/her loving heart. – 8/3/21 

Luther…wrote, ‘In the beginning I devoured Augustine, but when…

I knew what justification by faith really was, then it was out with him.’
– from Dave Hunt

The church (organized “organ” of man) is too charmed by art.

Some have artsy statutes inside (& out) in spite of the prohibition against images.

Some have artistic architecture surrounded by artfully placed walks & trees & flower beds.

Some have paintings of leaders or a supposed picture of Christ (no one knows what He looked like).

Some use the “art of music” to excess (beyond the “spiritual songs”) exalting singer or group.

Church – please return to simple worship of God, honest praying, plain teachings of the Word. – 8/3/21


If you must admire trivia, give it only a brief glance

Don’t let it trap you with its glint or swift dance

There’s no end of ways satan would side-track

And have you waste time which will never come back

Stack up tooth picks, carve ice, made images in sand

Which for a moment look neat, even a bit grand

But in the light of eternity, In the sight of God

Were wasted days, months, years – even or odd

These days could have benefited the Lord or man.

Have a hobby? Do it slightly. Keep it in hand.

– eab,  8/4/21

When you want to wear a necklace; realize the Bible prohibits pearls, so you wear sea-shells or plastic

When you want to wear a ring; realize God’s word prohibits gold, so you wear silver or wood

When you want to be entertained; know hollywood is rotten, so you substitute a “christian” film

When you want to play cards; don’t want gambler’s cards, but play game after game with imitations

When you want holiday “sparkling” drinks; won’t use alcohol, but have bottles which are look-a-likes

Please, Bro. Please Sis. either get saved from such or, if saved, ask God to help you Grow Up. – 8/6/21

1Ti 4.1

“Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times

some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits & doctrines of devils;”

“He must be sanctified; he must know that his heart is cleansed, that pride & self-will & carnal ambition, & strife & sensitiveness, & suspicion & unbelief, & all unholy tempers are destroyed by the baptism of the Holy Spirit.”

Samuel Brengle 

Four of us walked into the night woods: Uncle Hardin carrying his rifle, my f-n-l carrying a sharp double-bitted ax, my b-n-l & me. Coon hunting was not my “thing” but tonight was a time to share a family experience. After the dogs had treed the rifle changed hands with the ax & Carson & I held the dogs. Uncle Hardin, hardened mountain man he was, started into the tree. Down, at an angle. Lower, more level, Down, at an angle, Lower, more level. “But someone might get hit with a chip.” We possible were (I don’t recall). Let. The. Chips. Fall. Where. They. May! The tree fell, dogs were released, chips were long forgotten. Too many are concerned about the chips & not concerned about the object of the hunt. See, as God helps you, see the Big Pic. The Reward. Not the chips. – 8/6/21 

The difference between wise men & fools, rich men & poor men, saints & sinners, saved men & damned men does not usually result…from difference of circumstances…as in the difference in their use of time.” 

Samuel Brengle 

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