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1Ti 6.6 +

1Ti 6.6

“…Godliness with contentment

is great gain.”

“The door of the visible church

is incomparably wider than the door of heaven.

Richard Baxter

satan lies. Liar that he is he tries to convince young, tough guys “Only sissies are Christians.” The Strongest Man who ever walked the face of the earth was Jesus Christ. He had a burden on His shoulders – your sins. But it didn’t stop there – His burden included the sins of your brothers & sisters. The heavy, load Jesus carried included the sins of every man/woman who lives in your village, your county. Christ carried the weight of the WORLD on Him as He died on the cross. He was a Mighty Man. – 8/11/21

“Whereas once the church believed in, spoke of, & practiced the cure of souls,

it has shifted its faith to a secular cure of minds.”

Bobgans & Mahan

Dear Sinner (for whoever needs this) – you just got word – you have terminal cancer. I can imagine satan saying “It’s not fair to God to turn to Him now. You’ve lived long for me, you’d live such a short time for God; go ahead & die a sinner & ‘tough it out’ in hell.” DO NOT LISTEN TO THE DEVIL. Flee to Jesus. Jesus died for sinners *just like you.* Besides, you never know 1.) The Lord could allow you to live twice as long as expected. And 2.) You could win some old cronies to Jesus. – 8/11/21


God, at the Judgment high above,

May charge shallow men with libel.

Who tried to raise a lesser “book”

Purposely miscalling it a “bible.”

– eab,  8/11/15

God gave mid-limb joints: elbow in arm, knee in the leg. It would be presumptive to say these are mainly “joints” for modesty. But an elbow IS a natural stopping spot for a sleeve in public appearance, as is the knee for skirt/trousers. “That’s sooo legalistic, Bryan.” Legalistic? Think twice. They’re logical demarcations. If the sleeve is raised above it, there’s no natural stopping place until the arm-pit. If pants on men or skirts on women are raised above the knee there’s no natural stopping place till a crotch. Please back away from “legal” & consider the word logical & Stop falling away to worldly appearances. – 8/11/21 

“Conscious confidence (faith) and

conscious rebellion cannot co-exist..

J A Wood

Rom 14.7

“For none of us liveth to himself,

& no man dieth to himself.”

God allowed the cells to join which started you & allowed your mother to birth you. God made provision (by giving His Son) that you can be Born Again (& then after living for Him) go spend eternity with the Almighty. Never consider taking your own life. First – live for God. Second – live for others (helping them physically or mentally or best of all spiritually). Third – live for yourself. SUICIDE IS SIN. God only forgives sins that are past. Never think you can ask forgiveness for killing yourself. Never. – 8/11/21    

Man’s departure from God was voluntary;

his return must likewise be voluntary.”

L D Wilcox

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